Sunday, March 15, 2009



I'm having a heckuva time finding a realistically-priced yet adorably decorated house for my interpeeps!

It's rough out there right now, people. There's a lot out there for sale, but many of the houses are over-priced and have been for sale for over a year, so there's not much that's new.

So I made the executive decision to just show you fabulous.

Even though it's not really
my idea of fabulous. Well - I shouldn't say that. It is fabulous, but not exactly the cute little cottagey type houses that I go for.

In fact? It's a monster.

12,371 square feet of living space. 5 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms. It sits on a 2 acre lot and was built in 2005.

And it's almost 3.8 million dollars.

As you can see, it's very understated in it's appearance:

And the front entry (20x17 feet) doesn't resemble a whorehouse
at all:

Kitchen #1 (21x19):

The Master bedroom (32x16):

Main level Family Room (24x17):

Kitchen #2:

The Theater room:

Dance Studio:

The gym....

The Pool.....

What do you think, people?


Michelle said...

Ha! That entry is very whorehouse-ish, now that you mention it. Those are the kind of houses that make Americans look bad. It's our right to have it, but I always think about what a great homeless shelter or home for 10 foster children that a house like that would make. Hmm, I wonder why houses like that have been on the market so long. Give me the cozy bungalows and cottages any day.

Kim said...

Ok, call me picky, but if I spend that much money on a house that has a theater, dance studio & gym, I would expect the pool to be a little more impressive! I think that there are pools like that in my neighborhood. HA!

Seriously, I don't understand how anyone could enjoy living in a house like that. It feels so impersonal.

Coastal Nest. said...


Totally NOT me, not one bit, maybe the little teeny afterthought of the pool, I guess..I might take that. The rest, no thanks. Dosent it crack you up how other people live, I bet they didnt live at all. They just showed people how they "thought" they should live. Right? I loveyour little cottage, and my little dusty mess a million times more, Fartster!

Catholic Runner said...

I think the pool is very unimpressive for that price. Seriously, what kind of crazy women wants two kitchens????

Mara said...

OH my goodness. I don't think I have any more words. Just OH MY GOODNESS.
And- I like the outside- its intruiging, but I was disappointed with the interior.

jilly said...

Kind of understated wouldn't you say?

ZUDDY said...


Janet said...

I *do* hate it, I hate it a lot.

Barb said...

Scarlett O'Hara would have LOVED that stairway, that's what I think. It's very much like the stairway at Twelve Oaks (Ashley's plantation).

Laurie said...

It really doesn't look like the kind of house you'd expect to see in Mn. The staircase didn't really fit with the rest of the house in my opinion. I like the small craftsman type homes you usually show us. I guess they're just more real.

Mrs. Jones said...

I'll take the pool and the basketball court.