Monday, August 17, 2009

MJ's Week

Gosh.....again. Almost a month since my last post.

And I haven't even been reading my fave blogs. In fact I do believe I have 900-something posts to read.

I hate that.

So much has been going on......yet nothing is happening. You know what I mean? Sure you do.

Well, last week I spent some time with my buddy MJ. 'Memba her?

Man, that girl has been busy.

Last week, she put together a menu for a fundraising event at the Governor's residence and I helped her cook it. It was really really fun. And a screaming success.

Then she was on TV

And I was there with her......riding on her coattails.

And now I'm very very tired.


SeaWorthy said...

I know!!! I totally watched this when MJ posted it to her facebook..

We love garlic here at Coastal Nest and bathe in it at least once a week!!

Hows tricks fartster?? we miss ya:(

Amy said...

SeaWorthy...Did Coastal Nest get a new name?

Martha, we need some details...what was on the menu for the gov's party?

Mary Jane said...

Here's the menu.

Oh Martha--you always make me look good. Your squash blossoms were the hit of the party. Your not afraid to break the rules. She washed and ran them all through the salad spinner contrary to what every cookbook says. We had just had a rain, so they were dirty and had quite a few hitchhikers. We couldn't use those gorgeous blossoms dirty, so, what the heck, let's wash them. They were perfect!

Janet said...

Sounds fun and very yummy. Sometimes I wish I had a job cooking, it is such a passion of mine. Then again, where but in Real Estate could I work this hard and not get paid??

Michelle said...

Oh, man. That menu is unbelievable. Did you take any pictures?

SeaWorthy said...

MJ is one awesome outgoing chicklet, I wish I could cook with you and her,....maybe one day, eh?

I wanted to come back just one more time today, and say how I cannot possibly believe that you havent been reading my blog. Im hurt, upset and absolutely stupified. Ive been writing some good stuff lately....
*you know Im kiddin ya...
yes, seaworthy...
coastal nest
the coastal nest has some new tricks up her sleeve, coming soon!!

Amy said...

Wow, what a menu! Thanks for posting it MJ. Geez, I think I gained ten pounds just reading it...especially all those cupcakes! I would love to try that signature drink!

jilly said...

House tour? School supplies check list for the noodle? Wondering what these kids need these days, other than the H1N1 shot.