Tuesday, July 21, 2009

House Tour!

Hey there, Internets! Been a while, huh?

We've been busy here doing......well? Pretty much nothing, but always something, you know what I'm sayin'?

Chipping away at projects but still not finishing them. Playing with the Noodle. Working a little. Barfing up a lung.

Yes. You read that correctly. I believe I got a case of "the food poisoning". I'm pretty sure one of my lungs has left the premises and I'm not sure I still own a lower intestine. But that's neither here nor there, is it?

No, it's not.

Because I've got a house tour to mark my return to the blogging world!

But don't get too excited because I've had some troubles finding house tours....and believe you me, I've been on the lookout.

So here's my meager offering. Oh - it's cute and all....but not SUPERCUTE. And it's not a great bargain, either. Geez. You'd think in this economy that the prices would come down a little more, but noooooo.

Okay - here we go. This one was built in 1911.
It's situated on a busy street by a nice little college.

Oh, I know, I know....you don't want live on a busy street.

Well, I'm SORRY.

Quit your whining. The price is pretty good because of it. You have to take the good with the bad, okay?

Sheesh. Ingrates.

Okay so here she is....cute, right? These older homes look so huge, but it's really only about 1800 square feet. It's got 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it's listed for $324,555. Why the $555? I have no idea.

Love that oval window.

The current owners just fixed up the front porch. Nice, huh? It's begging for a porch swing, don'tchya think?

I would die for a front entry way. Look at that cozy little built in seat! The Foyer is 11x12.

The living room. It's 16x11.

The kitchen is 12x13. Nothing spectacular, but it's cute, right? I think they've done a nice job of brightening it up without a gut-job.

The dining room.....it's 14x12. I wonder what's behind those french doors? I can't tell....it kind of looks like a pantry? Maybe there was a built-in china hutch that somebody removed?

One of the four bedrooms.....they're all about the same size.

The third floor family room....it's 20x17 and has a bathroom.

The rear view of the house.

The deal-breaker (for Zuddy) garage. It's listed as a 2 car, but it looks tiny, doesn't it? Zuddy would not go for that. He needs a man crisis center and this one isn't large enough for the crisis in his life.

So - what do you think?


Catholic Runner said...

haha - man crisis center. We recently downsized and Mister lost his man den so maybe I'll offer up the garage as his man crisis center.

Michelle said...

Yay! You're back! I agree with your assessment; this is a solidly cute house. I love the front porch, but the price seems a little steep for right now.

I hope you're feeling better! Eat lots of yogurt to re-colonize your good guys.

Kim said...

Hey there! Good to hear from you! I personally love this house...I kind of love that there are back & front stairs & that the back ones come right into the kitchen. I wish that we had more houses with character like that in VA.

PS-I hope that you are feeling better!

Thirkellgirl said...

I love it! I hate the red walls in the kitchen but that's fixable! *How busy is the street?

Glad you're back, sorry you've been ill, did you at least lose a couple pounds so it wasn't a totally horrible experience? Take care of yourself!

Barb said...

love, love, love it.

hope you feel better soon.

glad you're back!

Kathleen said...

Nice to see that you've returned. I agree about the red walls in the kitchen. Would have to change that asap.

Martha said...


How are you all?

Catholic Runner - I was looking (stalking?) your blog and I knew you'd moved, but I couldn't find why or where...is it close to your other house?

Michelle - I miss you! How was your visit with the in-laws?

Hi Kim! - I love that stairway, too!

Thirkell? How the heck are you? Get a blog! I've been thinking about you! Yeah, I'm not loving the red either. The street it's on is 4 lanes...it's a big street, but the traffic isn't as heavy as it could be.

Hey Barb! I'm getting some slipcovers like yours! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Hi Kathleen - I'm going to check out your blog, sister!

Gordostyle said...

Welcome back! Happy summer!

Love the house! Can't wait for the next one!!!!

Janet said...

I love the house, very well staged for the RE market ( something NO one does here!!). I was wondering what happened on the back of the house. Almost looks like those french doors used to go outside and were closed up and maybe made into a little china cabinet. Very cute!

missed ya

Coastal Nest. said...

Im sorry about the lost lung, babe..probably from all of that lead paint youve been, ahem...scraping..
I love the house, is it close to you? THEN I WOULD LOVE IT EVEN MORRRE!!!
Isnt it nice to see all your friends come out for you Bi-monthly blogging post.
hope your gang is good and your enjoying your summer, sweetiepie..

jilly said...

Its cute, I like it, but I would not go for the busy street. I love the front porch though, but you are right a good swing. Do you know Hudson at all? What do you think of it? Check out MLS#: 3694073 would love to know what you think. NOW, don't judge the kitchen too harshly, it needs WORK!

Sarah said...

Marty?? How the heck are you?? Love the house. I could use a 4 bedroom with all these children invading our house! LOL Don't love the busy street though. Or the price..sheesh!

Laurie said...

I was so happy to click on your blog under my favorites and find a new post! This house is very pretty-love the entry the best too and you're right a porch swing is needed. Too bad that garage is too little for you because it is darling-just needs some cottage flowers growing in front or a little herb garden. You are right, prices do not seem to be going down in the city especially in popular neighborhoods. It looks like it's in Highland, am I correct? I have a good friend who lives there. Hope you are feeling back to your normal self soon!

Lori E. said...

Hope you are feeling better. Put some pro-biotics into your system, quick. Maybe your intestine will grow back, I am not sure about the lung. You can live with one lung. That house is cute. How do people keep their house so perfect?? The concept has escaped me again and again. Although I do try very hard.

Restyled Home said...

Martha!! This hiatus has gone on long enough!! I need a hearty dose of Martha humour, as good as the house tour was...!!

I miss you!!

Amy said...

Martha, I thought you would have an update by now...didn't we give you any good blog fodder over the weekend? I just looked at the photos of this house again. Oh how I wish I had a front porch. I love my back deck but it is just not the same as sitting on the front porch and watching the world, or more like the neighborhood, go by.

Mara said...

GORGEOUS house! I love your tours!
I hope you are doing well! :)

PS... it looks like there is room to build a new garage ;)