Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mean = Hot (part one)

Okay, so I'm telling you this little story because.....well? Because I know you'll think it's funny and will be able to relate.

Because you're all girls.

And I just know if any one of you were with us? You would have felt the same way.

So, MJ is working at a charity event. I'm there to help her, as is Micah - who is the nicest guy in the world and a chef. Micah is a friend of Amanda. And Amanda is super-cool and is running the whole event.

Get it? Here's the cast of characters

Amanda: Super-cool, nice, funny, managing a charity event. MJ's new BFF.

Micah: Friend of Amanda's, super-nice, funny, a chef and - get this - works as a chef in the SOUTH POLE all winter. I kid you not. Isn't that cool?

MJ: Well, come ON! She's MJ! My buddy from work. I met Amanda and Micah through her.

Kirst: Mine and MJ's BFF from work.

Me: Doofus.

Okay. So. We are at a charity event....Amanda's managing the event, MJ is the star chef and Micah and I are helping MJ cook.

We are all in the kitchen. Cooking, laughing, chatting. MJ mentions that she has been trying to coordinate the chef demonstrations for the Minnesota Garlic Festival and one of the chefs she has been in contact with is kind of mean and condescending.

So, of course we instantly hate him.

She replays all of her email exchanges with him and concedes that it's hard to tell what kind of tone someone is using when they're writing an email, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

I still hate him.

So....the charity event is over and 4 days later we're all together again to work at the Garlic Festival. There's a cafe at the festival where local chefs from the most popular restaurants in the Twin Cities cook food from local farmers and sell it: with all the proceeds going to the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.

So, the chefs aren't all bad...they're donating their time and expertise for the hippie farmers in the area.

MJ has been in touch with these chefs and has recruited them to do cooking demonstrations with her. Kirst and I are in charge of providing all the cooking equipment and Amanda is in charge of escorting the chefs from the cafe to the stage and making sure they have all the ingredients they need. Micah ends up helping in the cafe kitchen when some of the chefs don't bother to show up on time (MJ says getting the chefs to the stage on time for their demonstration is like herding cats).

Do you want me to continue?


Michelle said...

Yes! (That's so mean, by the way.)

Cutzi said...

What?? You just left us hanging like that??

You're so hot.

Janet said...

well duh, of course we want you to continue silly girl...

Sarah said...


Janelle said...


MJ said...

I'm holding my breath.

The Mermaid Cottage said...

Oh hell yes!@

Thirkellgirl said...

Yes!!! Stop taunting!