Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mean = Hot (part two)

Okay, so now I'm nervous! What if this is a "you had to be there" story? Oh....I kind of think it is. But I'll continue....because you know I always finish what I start (*snort*).

Okay, so we're at the festival and MJ and I are setting up the cooking demonstration area when Amanda shows up and and offers to do anything we want. My memory is a little foggy, but I remember MJ sending her in the Cafe kitchen....probably water or something.

Amanda comes back with a big smile slapped on her face....and I can see it's fake.

So she comes up to me and tells me she has met the offending Chef. He kicked her out of the kitchen after she not only introduced herself, but asked him if there was anything he needed for his demo later in the day.

Kicked her on out, people! To the curb!

Now. I can't tell you what Amanda does for a living, but I can tell you this: she knows a lot of people. And some of them are very famous. And she meets them through her job. Which is one of those jobs with a lot of connections. And Amanda is very good at her job and she's very nice. VERY nice. Like, give-you-the-shirt-off-her-back-nice. So MJ really likes her and goes out to lunch with her and is actually her friend.

So when I went back to work after hearing Amanda's story, and after a while, MJ asked me how my set-up was going.

What choice did I have, but to tell on that troll of a chef? Huh?

So I casually say, "My work is going great, but someone wasn't very nice to Amanda. She got kicked out of the kitchen."

MJ's eyes start snapping and blinking very fast...which is what she does when she's trying to control what is going to come out of her mouth next. So she casually says, "Oh? Who kicked her out?"
So I start to tell her, but before I can finish, MJ's marching off to the kitchen.

'Cause you don't disrespect MJ's friends. She will mess. You. Up.


Thirkellgirl said...

I like MJ. :)

Sarah said...

Gooooo Mj go!s

SeaWorthy said...

You gals are sooooo "my peeps".... Im sorry ive missed all this fun and excitement...Ive been at the gift show buying for the shop.

This suspense is killing me! get going, fartster!!!

MJ said...


Don't we have fun?!

Michelle said...

Yay for MJ!

The Mermaid Cottage said...

I hope she ripped him a new a__hole!!!!! MJ is my kinda gal!

SeaWorthy said...

Just like you to leave us hangin like this....Biatch!!!!!

Its kinda like Young and the Restless, only without the sequins...oh, and Victor..

-by the way, MJ..I dreamt of you last night........

Kathleen said...

You tell a good story. Very funny. Can't wait for the next part.

kim said...

Ooooo, I'd love to hear what she said! I imagine doing things like that, but at the end of the day, just admire people like MJ that actually do it :)

MJ said...

Remember folks, I don't yell.

Maybe I'll tell you a story. The story of the graduation party from hell.........

Check this out.


MJ said...

Oops, I edited my site and messed up the connection above. sorry. Just click on my name above to be connected.

SeaWorthy said...


finish Mean=Hot already!!!