Friday, October 16, 2009

Screamin' Deal House Tour

How 'bout a little fixer-upper, huh?

I just know my Internets will love this house. It's in a great neighborhood super close to one of the lakes.

SUPER close.

It's also SUPER close to the airport, but it's been sound-proofed.

It's got 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and 1700 square feet of living space. Built in 1937, it's listed at $269,900.

I look at this house and all I can see is possibilities. Starting with the front of the house:

Isn't it cute? I think a little landscaping and a new paint color could make it downright perfect!

The dining room. 13x11.

The kitchen:

Dang. I hate it when this happens with the photos. I have no idea why they are so small! I even tried making it larger with tricks from Sarah at Clover Lane, but I just can't get it to work.

Anyway, it's a nice size and just needs a little updating. Slap some paint on those cupboards and Viola!!

You'd have painted cupboards and harvest gold countertops and appliances!


Okay, you'd still need to replace the flooring, countertops and appliances, but that wouldn't be too hard.

Unless you were me.

And then it would take you 3 or 4 years.

Anyhoo...the kitchen is 14x10.

The living's 21x13. In my world, that's a nice-sized living room.

Aaaah. The fireplace. So cute. I'd love one of those. And don't you love the doors going out to the 3 season porch?

The "Master"'s 21x14:

The patio.

The rear view of the house.

She needs a little badunkadunk in her trunk, don't you think?
I think a pergola would give her what she needs.

So, what do you think, Internets?


Thirkellgirl said...

I assume the window in the dining room overlooks the patio; I'd make that into french doors before the boxes were unpacked. And I'd probably take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. And the outside needs SERIOUS help. Get the rain gutters out of the middle of the front of the house, for one thing. And you're right, add a pergola. But other than that, it has potential. (How is it soundproofed...? They keep the windows closed?)

House things I like said...

Change the exterior shutters, while you're at it. That is a cute house.

Michelle said...

Super cute, and tons of potential. The kitchen is the main area inside in need of an overhaul. The rest of the house just needs paint. A pergola on the back would be adorable. Although, how much would you be able to enjoy the outdoor spaces if you're that close to the airport? Just a thought.

Kim said...

I'd take it, said the girl who lives in a suburban 1970s booorrring house.

Suzy said...

Ha ha... I love the term "badunkadunk in her trunk."

Ann said...

It's just the right time of year for a Harvest Gold kitchen.

debra said...

Very cute! Lots of possiblities. I didn't know there was harvest gold still lurking out there. The patio is cute - would be even cuter w/ a pergola.