Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My name is Martha.

I used to write in this blog.

Then? One day my computer crashed. It was the day after Thanksgiving.

It was all my fault. I got so excited after I saw the movie The Blind Side? That I went whoring all over the internet looking for information about Michael Oher and the Touhy family and picked up a little somethin'-somethin'.

So. There I was, no computer. You'd think with all that free time I had acquired that I'd finish my kitchen, right?

No. Nothing like that.

But I did find out I have a little girl!! A really nice one!

So I hung out with her. Played some old-school solitaire (No, really! I did! With actual cards!). Cleaned the basement and the carpets in the house. Christmas shopped. Worked. Traveled for work. Organized. You know - things we all did before we had 6 zillion blogs we were addicted to. (Not that I have that "crazy" amount of blogs! But I know YOU do.)

So, now I have a computer back....but no info. Our computer is like a shell of it's former self. We're supposed to have all of our stuff in there somewhere, see? But we can't find it.

And we have to re-install all of those plug-ins that make surfing the internet fun....but we don't want to do it until we have everything the way it should be.

So, basically I can email and that's it. Or write words in my blog, but that's it. No pictures. No good stuff.

I ventured over to my Google Reader page yesterday for the first time.
I have many posts to read.
It's over a thousand, but Google stops telling you the exact number after 1,000.

So you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to mark them all as "read" and start the new year fresh!

Speaking of a fresh, new you make a resolution? What is it? Come on! I want to know! Write it in my comments! I haven't officially made one yet and I need some good ideas.


Ann said...

Welcome Back!!! My resolution is to lose 15-20 lbs and get organized. The organization is going much better than the weight loss!

Kim said...

Welcome back! I was wondering where you were....

No resolutions for me. I don't make them any more...who needs anything more to feel bad about in glum January??

Brooke said...

What's up dawg! I've been wondering where the heck you were. That's what you get for whoring around!!
Resolutions? Naw, not doing it. However, my "plan" for 2010 is to finish quilts. Lots o' quilts. I'll be busy if I stick with my plan!

Michelle said...

Welcome back! We'll take your words--no pictures needed.

I don't really do specific resolutions, but I'm working on managing my time better. I try to think about spending my money according to what I think is important, and now I'm taking that approach to my time. If I put time into things like exercise and organization on a regular basis, I'll enjoy the rest of my life more. So hopefully that will translate into having more energy and not being annoyed at the state of the house.

Sarah said...

I think I screamed a little when I saw your new post in my reader! HI!!!! I missed you! Me? Weight. 4 babies worth. It aint pretty. Treadmill and watching what I eat are the main ones for me.

SeaWorthy said...

first of all you lost me a whoring all over the internet...I knew you were a little sl*t!

Resolution? I think we talked about this already. Coastal Nest is cuddling up with Dr Atkins and his cheesy meaty handsomeness we are getting our groove on quite nicely, thank you very much.(he is a great spooner, and I love that in a diet)

--and, I love that you cleared your reader, whatever that is, you know Im oldskool blogga..well, really just oldskool..

--AND-- AND really, all I need are your words, they are the sweet symphony of life, and I am so happy to have them rolling off of your velvet tongue, gross!
Rock on, Ziemer...your the greatest!

Thirkellgirl said...

Oh, good, you're back! I was starting to think you were really hung up on the lack of black socks at Target. My new year's resolution was to clean out my closet. Done. Low goals have a better success rate, I've found. :)Welcome back!!

Amy said...

OK, besides my standard lose 20 pounds resolution, I do have a real, concrete organizing goal. I'm sure I have a thousand+ read e-mails in Outlook that are just clogging up memory. My goal is to delete at least 20 per day. I need to purge. Why did I save "Your Walgreens photo order is ready." Delete...there we go, just 19 left for today.

Rochelle Barozzi said...

Hi I am a new reader.
It sounds as if your crashed computer wasn't all for not right? You had that precious time with your daughter! No resolutions for me...I never seem to be able to keep em. ;o)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

YAY for spending time with children. Not that IM addicted to reading blogs either. I know how to make boundaries with my time and then follow through.


BUT. I have lost 6 pounds since the first of the year...only about 20 (30? EEK) to go. In my defense, I DID just had a baby. In 2004 ;)

Suzy said...

I'm not a big resolution person either. Although if someone forced me to make one, I'd have to say that I would try to spend less time in front of the computer. So.. um.. gotta go.

house things said...

Just the words are enough. You are so funny, it lifts my spirits just to read what you have to say.

New Year's resolutions. I've decided to be less friendly and not say hello to people I pass by on neighborhood walks. It's been a fun experiment so far.

luciwallis said...

Hey Martha~
I have been out of the blogging world. Decide to start backup again!! Glad we are both back~

Anonymous said...

Hi Martha - so glad to you see you back! No resolutions here. Maybe a few goals - like saving up for a vacation and losing the "baby weight" - which is now "preschooler" weight :-)

Laurie said...

I'm so glad you're back. I was getting worried about you!

Linda said...

So glad to have you back in the blogosphere, girl! I missed your unique take on the world. Do you know if "Take 90 West" from your blogroll suffered a similar techno problem? I haven't been able to reach her blog in forever. You two girls crack me up!