Thursday, January 28, 2010


So, let's talk kitchens, shall we?  Have you seen Rebecca's kitchen?  Over at Older and Wisor??  

She has a BUNCH of projects she's worked on, but her kitchen?  Oooooh.  

And I do believe I need to steal her soffit treatment over here at Elizabeth Hill.  Because it is said that stealing imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, you know.

My soffits are non-functional (meaning they aren't hiding any ductwork or mechanicals underneath them).  And while I don't like them?  I know better than to rip them out.  I'd just be asking for disappointment there - what, with Zuddy's honey-do list not being touched as it is.  

So, enter Rebecca's project: 

But imagine it HERE:  

On a heavier note.  I realize it's frivolous to be writing about home projects and musing about kitchens and belly-aching about my 3 year-old kitchen project when the people of Haiti are struggling and hungry and homeless.  I've been glued to the news coverage and it's really hitting me all feels so......bad, you know? 

I feel helpless to do anything.  I've honestly been wondering how I can get down there and help.  But what the heck would I help with?  
I'm not a medical professional.  
I have no significant amount of money to give - or even money to get to Haiti for that matter. 
And then I don't know if my heart could handle what I would see when I got there.  
But I'm sure the Haitian hearts can't handle what they are seeing and experiencing and living every day.  So then it seems frivolous that I'm even saying that

So - suffice it to say that I will not be purchasing my materials for any work on the kitchen next week.  The small amount of 'extra' money from my weekly budget will be going to Haiti.

And, yes.  I feel like a fool even bringing up ugly soffits when so much suffering is going on.  

I'm lucky to even have soffits.


Ann said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! Everyone needs a distraction.

Sarah said...

My kitchen is so dumpy :( I have been feeling the same way you have about the Earthquake...

Michelle said...

I totally agree with Ann that you need distractions. And I think that soffit treatment would be absolutely perfect in your kitchen.

I was in Haiti in '98, when things were relatively stable. I saw some heartbreaking things, but one of the hardest things was the reverse culture shock of coming home and realizing how much was wasted and taken for granted in our culture. You can't beat yourself up for being lucky enough to be where you are. All you can do is live and give according to your values and send more prayers and positive thoughts to the Haitians.

Kim said...

A)I think that you should definitely do the beadboard on the soffit.
B) Don't be so hard on yourself. As the others already said, all that you can do is donate as you feel that you can & pray.

Sharon@Sharon at Home said...

Haiti is bad, and you are helping. If it raises your spirits to think about soffits ... so be it.

I think the beadboard would be lovely, as you already have that look on your cupboards. Go for it!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I can't wait to see it - because I CAN imagine what it would look like. And you're going to love it!

SeaWorthy said...

Mart, your such a sweet soul. This is why I love you soo. I think we ALL feel like you do. Steve and I were talking about what WE could do, just like you, not much, a small donation was made right after it happened but it still dosent fill the void of hopelessness that you feel when you see those sweet little orphaned faces, or a mama crying over her loss. Gutwrenching. Kim is totally right, we all can pray, and be hopefull that with the help of us "horrible american people" that things will be much better in the days and years to come.
--steps down off apple crate...

now, that looks like an awesome idea for the uppers!! They have perfectly gorgeous FAUX and easy to hang wallpaper that looks exactly like beadboard at the (shudders to say it) home depot. You could totally do that project in a day. all by your cute little self.
you can! no help from zippy.

Laurie said...

We put beadboard on the ends of our cabinets, it was easy, cheap and added a farmhouse cottagy touch. I would go for the real wood. I love the look of open cupboards. Mine are too messy to ever be open though.
Our school recently had a fundraiser for Haiti and my class collected $89. One 6th grade section raised over $300! I thought it was interesting that the older the grades, the less they gave. The seniors gave a total of $11, they must need their college $$$!! Our total must have been close to $1,000. Not bad for a little school.

Daniela said...

You have such a big heart. And I know exactly how you feel. I went through those exact same emotions last week, and donated some money, which seemed sooo little.

Now, lets talk kitchens. I think the beadboard would be great...and when you're done with that, could you please come over to my house and do the same? xoxo

ashley morgan said...

I hear you about Haiti! I also donated what little money I could. Someday I hope to be in a position to do more.

P.S. I love beadboard!

Amy said...

Mart - my friend is a doctor and she is in Haiti right now volunteering...she's going to the Casa with us so you'll hear all about it.