Monday, February 8, 2010

Your Authentic Self

I was walking through the maze of buildings that make up my workplace the other day when I saw a bunch of fliers posted about "being your Authentic Self".  Apparently there was a lunch time seminar on finding and being your Authentic Self.

Which sounds like a good thing. 

Until I started about thinking how my Authentic Self wouldn't be going to my car after working nonstop without taking a lunch break. 
And my Authentic Self wouldn't drive home obeying (almost) all the rules of the road and refrain from flipping off the stupid drivers. 
When my Authentic self got home she sure as hell wouldn't make a colorful salad to go with dinner. 
And make her kid eat some of it.
Actually, I'm pretty sure my authentic self wouldn't even make dinner. 
My Authentic Self would have a chili cheese burrito from Taco Bell.
After a day of reading blogs and watching a pile of movies from Netflix and eating cheesy poufs.

What would your Authentic Self be doing right now?


Ann said...

I am not sure what my authentic self would be doing but I do know it's best to keep her hidden and out of the work place.

house things said...

My authentic self would be even lazier than my phony self.

Michelle said...

My authentic self came out yesterday. My biggest accomplishment was getting heartburn.

Martha said...

God, I love you girls.

Sarah said...

Good question! My authentic self would only wear sweats, take seven baths a day (with the bathroom door locked so no one could interrupt), hire a cleaning lady, and scrapbook instead of making dinner.

Kim said...

Back when I was actually working I didn't do too much to hide my "authentic self" & I quickly got the rep of being the "kooky one".

SeaWorthy said...

My authentic self would wear the tshirt I slept in to work today (check!) I only visited for an hour and didnt help any customers...

My authentic self would also love to sleep in my cozy bed with no one home but me, until 12 noon.(no check, no such luck)

My authentic self would wish up enough money in my checking account to get a few of you all on a plane and headed my way. We would have so much fun!!
I play the lottery every week, dreaming of this day!

Amongst The Oaks said...

I'm thinking my authentic self would be sleeping late, taking walks, taking photos, doing crafts, planning trips to places like Africa, and blogging. And definately NOT cooking three meals a day!
I think my authentic self has been showin at work lately...too bad I can't be fired.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Napping, eating, spending too much time on the computer and fixing my bra in public.

Whoa - I guess I AM living an authentic life. Who knew?

Restyled Home said...

My authentic self loves this post, and hates that foolish authentic selk that book, Simple Abundance...blech!

Aren't we just all living the way we see fit? And by trying to be authentic, aren't we actually just suppressing that part of us that slows down to a snail's pace to bug the tail-gater, or if we are the tail-gater, curses the slow driver? I think our authentic selves are best suppressed for the most part!

You, my friend, are so funny! I can just imagine how funny your authentic self is!! For the record, my authentic self would wear sweats all day and never go grocery shopping again!