Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Like It

I want these:

For my dining room.  I'd swipe some silver paint over them, though.  They're 41 inches high.  

Remember how I went through a miniature fascination faze?  

I feel the same way about big things.

There used to be a store at a nearby mall that sold oversized items.  When Zuddy and I were dating, he'd take me there to look around.  I still want some of that stuff. 

Wouldn't one of these paper clips be cute in an office? 

And really.....who doesn't need a giant pair of scissors?  

You know - just in case you need to cut a big ribbon.

And how about for the kitchen?  

Look at this!

Or how about one of these?

Ha haaaa!!!

Go check out!


Daniela said...

ok, way too funny. I could always use the vegetable peeler..I'm always losing mine. I bet I wouldn't lose that one...haha..xoxo

SeaWorthy said...

I wish I knew you loved those xl forkspoons so much, I had a set arrive at the shop 2 weeks ago that came with a broken prong. The company said "oh, just dispose of them, we will send replacements"

Coulda been easily fixed and sent on to my big eater in Michigan, dang!

SeaWorthy said...


"big" eater meant nothing about anything except the silverware....

sometimes Im like bus stop mom, eh??

Suzy said...

I'd like a giant running shoe stuck to my wall. That would be sweet.

ashley morgan said...

Whoa...who knew there was a website for such things!? I have to go check it out. Good find!