Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was driving home from work tonight in stop-and-go traffic and I saw a guy picking his nose.


Eating whatever it was he got out of said nasal cavity.

And in case you were wondering....he was probably in his early to mid thirties.  So, no...he wasn't a teenager.

I was hoping what I'd seen was an isolated incident, but I watched him continue for two more cycles of pick-and-eat.  **shiver**

You're welcome for that visual.

Happy Thanksgiving :)


Ann said...

SHUT UP! That's so gross!

Martha said...

Ha haaaaaa!!! I forgot to mention that I honked my horn and made an icky face at him after that third 'snack',

Michelle said...

Gross. I love that you did a honk/icky face!

Cutzi said...

Thank you. Thank you SO much for that Martz.

Sarah said...

LOL! Goodness! LOOOOOOOVE that you honked!

Suzy said...

Oh, for crying out loud. Absolutely disgusting. I can usually tolerate gross things, and I admit that I have, from time to time, snuck a nose-pick in while driving, but *eating* it? GROSS. I feel like puking.

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