Monday, November 8, 2010

Noodle's Closet

Yep.  Here it is:  Noodle's closet.  Pretty exciting, huh?

Yikes.  Here it is filled with her toys.
  Pretty TINY is more like it...but -believe it or not- it's bigger than the one she has in her room right now. 

This is part of the reason why she's moving into the office/playroom.  She's heading into the teen years now and she needs a bigger room (her current room is 8x10...the new one is 10x12) and a very slightly bigger closet.

This super-ugly closet "organizer" (and I use the term organizer veerrrrry loosely) was here when we moved in almost 15 years ago.

 I would LOVE.  L-O-V-E to have the interior professionally designed, but that's not in the budget right now. 

I've gone to the Easy Closets website and punched in the dimensions, but I didn't get a computer just started shaking and laughing at me.  Rude.

I finally wrestled that ugly organizer out.  It left some pretty fierce holes in the walls when I got the hardware out.  Zuddy was kind enough to patch them for me. 

The trim is almost all done being painted.  It needs one more coat....which equals FIVE coats, ladies.  Five of 'em.

I don't think the inside of the closets been painted more than twice since our house was built in 1936.  We found remnants of this awesome coral color in a few spots:

Sadly, Noodle says she doesn't want coral, so we're using some of the paint we already have in our stock.

One last thing:

The windows are finished!! I can't wait to get the paint on the walls so the trim looks nice and crisp!


house things said...

Wow. You've been busy. I just love your house. My old house was from 1936 and I miss that quality. We also had a small bedroom that was 8 x 10.

I guess if Noodle is heading into her teens, clothes are going to gain importance over toys. Good thing the other closet is a little bigger.

Sarah said...

YOu are motivated over there Marts! It is looking reaaaal good! Cannot wait to see the paint on the walls too. What color did you choose?

Martha said...

Kathleen? You love MY HOUSE? You nut. I'd KILL for yours!!! And that kitchen of yours!

SARAH! I've missed you, girl! Still not sure on the paint. I have a few more swatches to pick up. I'm not crazy about the one Noodle likes so far, so I'm going to see if we can find one we both agree on. If not....she'll get the one she wants.

Michelle said...

Looking good! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

When I was 14, I painted my bedroom a green that was very similar to the bottom color on the paint chip next to the closet, and I LOVED it. Now I'm feeling resentful of my 14-year-old self because she could paint her room whatever color she wanted, and my current self really shouldn't paint anything if she wants her deposit back. If we stay here much longer, I'm going to at least paint the molding and doors a semi-gloss rental white instead of the flat rental white that currently covers everything. Rebellious, I know.

Amy said...

Just let Noodle pick the paint so in 20 years she won't be complain that her mother strong armed her into picking a different shade of know she'll remember!

I'll have to swing by and check out the progress since I'll be off in a week!

Kim said...

You are being super industrious, girl! I'm looking forward to seeing Noodle's teenage room. (Teenage??? Akkk! How'd that happen??)

Thirkellgirl said...

Oh for pete's sake, Blogger kicked me off. I SAID... my girls share a closet like Noodle's. They've got double hanging rods on the left, more hidden, side, with a shelf waaaay up on top that they have to get their dad to access. Old American Girl dolls, mostly. The right side has one hanging rod, high enough for dresses to clear the floor by two feet, and the wall on the right has lots of hooks for their purses, scarves, belts, etc. A teensy tiny walk-in closet, sort of. I swear it's not any bigger than Noodle's, at all.

Martha said...

Oh, Mrs. Thirkell, you have no idea how happy I am to hear about your girls' closet! What you did with their closet is exactly what I will be doing with the Noodles! Yay!

Restyled Home said...

Hi Martha!
I am following along to see how you transform Noodle's new room. You have my sympathy on painting all of your trim! Ugh!

Might I add, Noodle gets cuter by the day? Such a sweetie!

Much love,