Monday, August 15, 2011


Ha!  That's a scary title, isn't it?No...we're not moving, but Noodle is!  Into her new room! 

Is it finished?


But it's just done enough for her to live in.  We finally put up her curtains last night.  Zuddy put up the curtain rods with much teeth gnashing and swearing.  Poor guy.

Here's what we still need to do:
crown moulding
light fixture
full size bed
paint head and foot board (silver is the plan, but I think gold may be an option)
finish closet (it needs four more shelves and maybe a light)
new bedding
new nightstand

But?  It's looking a lot better than where we started:

Closet: Before

Closet:Not Quite After

We are having a couple of issues with the lighting.  Mainly that I can't seem to get exactly what I want for a decent price. 
The IKEA fixtures we liked don't put out enough light:

so we are scrapping that idea.

I want to make my own drum shade pendant, but I need to find something like this:

It's called a "Do It Yourself Shade Pendant Hardware Kit" from Shades of Light.  It's perfect....except just this little kit is $50!  I know this sucker doesn't need to cost $50, so I'm trying to find it for less, except I can't!  The thing that makes this little fixture perfect is that little knob on the's for attatching an acrylic diffuser so the lighbulbs are concealed:

This is $35.  I just think that's nuts, too.  There's no way this thing needs to cost this much.

Then we will need to get a cute canopy and down rod:

Go to the blog Dittle Dattle for some amazing tutorials...that's where I found a way to make these pendants, but unfortunately, I can't get the amount of light or a diffuser using her tutorial.  But I can use the pieces of this pendant kit to gussy up my fixture!

Anyway....we chose some fun fabrics possibilities to cover the drum shade:

<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>

<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
lulu stripe

I found these at


Michelle said...

Noodle's room is looking great! Have you asked Pauline if she has any lighting contacts that could help you out?

jilly said...

SO cute! I love the curtains! Great job. We bought a bunch of lighting fixtures at have you looked there? I also wanted a drum pendant for the dining room. I am "okay" with what we found, but looks like we are going to be changing up the dining room eventually anyway.

Thirkellgirl said...

Oh, great! Love the curtains. That's exactly what we did for my daughters' (yes, 2 of them share it) closet. It gives them so much more room that way. And there are a bazillion hooks on the right side for purses, scarves, etc.

Kim said...

Hey there! I love her new room!

Have you seen the diy drum shade fixture that she did over at 321 Sycamore ( posted a tutorial & I think that it was very inexpensive.

Ann said...

Love the fabric choices and the curtains!

Martha said...

Hi girls!!

Michelle....why didn't I think of Pippi? I will ask her! Thanks for that awesome tip!

Jilly....I checked overstock and boy are you right! I think I will be able to get what I need from there!! Thanks, Jilly!

Thirks, I can't believe how much room we are getting by reconfiguring her closet this way!!! I guess it helps that she doesn't have a lot of clothes to hang, but it's so great to be able to walk into her makes it feel a lot bigger than it is.

Kim! How is your house coming along? Yes, I saw the 321 Sycamore fixture, but it doesn't put out enough light. Didn't she do a great job, though? It was perfect!!

Talk to you soon, girls!