Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Closet #2

Oh, my sweet, sweet friends.....this is not pretty.  I have no pretty pretty pictures for you today.  No sir.

But you know what I DO have for you?  Pictures! (They're just not pretty "after" pictures :)  My brother and sister gave me their old camera!  And for a 10 year old camera it takes great pictures, I must say. 

So, I'm starting in on the office closet.  When we last talked about it, I had tried to remove the old shelving and fixtures and the "cedar paneling".  There was swearing.

It looked like a freaking hamster cage in there.  My camera pooped out, so I have no actual photographic evidence of this, but trust me.

I did find a photo on Google of what the "cedar paneling" looked like.  Feast your eyes:

I was taking care of my favorite baby one night and Zuddy surprised me by doing a demo job on my fugly closet.  He didn't even tell me he was going to do it!  I went in the room the next day to do a stare-down with the closet and plan my attack when I saw this: 


Need I talk about the emotions that stirred inside of me?  I was giddy with happiness because the paneling and fixtures were gone, yet pissed off that it still looked so bad.  Oh, the confusion!

I sat on these emotions for a week and tried to come up with a plan of how I was going to get that glue off.  Sand it?  Messy.  Skim coat it?  Messy and it will never get done because I still have a whole kitchen that needs to be skim coated.

Last week I got together with my dear friend, Hilary and showed her the closet and she suggested putting up bead board instead of trying to get off all of the glue and patch all of the holes.  Genius!  I love that girl!

So, save for the bead board and the hanging rods, I'm going to finish the closet just like the Noodle's - with shelving floor to ceiling on both sides of the closet.  Here's a shot of the sides: 

Here are some shots of Noodle's closet.  The side with the shelves (we still need a few more of these): 


And the side for hanging clothes: 


Incidentally, my favorite baby?  She's 7 months old now!  Feast your eyes: 

I love her.  So do Zuddy and Noodle.  I'm lobbying to be her nanny.  

Michelle is getting sick of me lobbying to be her nanny. 

She's very happy with her going to her cousin's home daycare and being cared for by her granny and cousin. 

Whatever.  I'm not going to stop trying.  She's my baby, dammit.


Thirkellgirl said...

We're, like, simpatico. Or something. I just took a break from cleaning/overhauling the girls' closet (which is exactly like Noodle's, same size, I swear) and decided to see if there were any great "inspiration pics" of tiny closets shared by 2 adult women. Yours is close. I removed more than 3 dozen plastic hangers from the closet, a huge bag of trash...which may or may not look like old purses and ragged socks... It's a job, isn't it?

Martha said...

Thirks.....it's TOUGH to find ideas for small closets, isn't it? I even tried punching the dimensions into a closet organizing website and got nothing. It's just too small!

Michelle said...

Noodle's closet looks great! I have absolutely no normal closets in my apartment, so I feel your pain.

Thirkellgirl said...

We have the double hanging bars on the left side (each girl has ONE), and one reeeally high bar and shelf on the right side (for dresses), and hooks on the right wall for purses, belts, binoculars, and scarves. It's not so satisfactory for scarves, though... thinking about a towel rod on the back wall, or maybe one of those Ikea circle things designed to hold scarves. At the moment, the shoes are on the inside of the door, and six boxes are on the floor. It's easy to keep clean because they're both away at college, lol. When they come home the floor will load up with bags o' stuff.

Kim said...

Love the beadboard idea. I'm for anything that lets me avoid a big mess & a lot of work :)

Kathleen said...

I have that exact same chipboard stuff and three people have told me removing it will also bring down the drywall. Eventually, I'll get to it. At least, I have a good drywall guy to call for fixing what the tear out destroys. For now, I'll enjoy your closet rip out!