Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hiding My Face In Shame.

I just got a comment from MJ about that night I made Hamburger Helper for dinner.  

I should first tell you about the time I asked MJ which jarred Spaghetti sauce she uses.  I was just curious, because I just found one I really liked (Classico Four Cheese).  

She didn't answer me right away.

In fact, she got very quiet.  

I almost thought she didn't hear me, so I was going to ask her again.....but when I turned to look at her? I noticed kind of a hard, pinched look on her face. 

The words that sputtered out of  a shocked MJ's mouth?  

"I don't swing that way."

Me serving my family "the helper" is going to put an enormous strain on our relationship.  I swear I'll never do it again, MJ.  Pinkie swear.


Michelle said...

"I don't swing that way" makes me absolutely adore MJ. I just bought a jar of marinara sauce for the first time in years because I wanted to have a quick dinner on hand. We usually try a little bit and end up throwing the rest out because we're so spoiled by the MIL's marinara. I had a whole "Semi-Homemade" meal planned with jarred marinara and Trader Joe's meatballs, and Kris just texted to say he wants Chipotle for dinner. Something tells me that marinara is going to collect some dust before we get around to eating it.

Martha said...

I know, Michelle! Isn't she a crack up? She was seriously disturbed by this "confession" of mine.

Incidentally, I have a great quick sauce recipe (by Lois Lee again) that I never make. I'm sorry...I just use the jar. I like it. Sue me.

MJ said...

2 cans tomato sauce, 1 can tomato paste, S&P, a clove of garlic, 2 rounded Tbsp. homemade dry Italian seasoning mix and a couple of Tbsp. of olive oil. (pinch of sugar if it needs it.) There now, was that so hard? I admit I do buy my spice blend at Graziaono's when I visit Mom and Dad. I'll give you some. It will change your life.

Pinched face. Bah! I'll pinch your face....

Love ya.