Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gel Manicure

Do you get manicures?  Have you tried a gel (shellac) manicure?

I've been wanting one for a while and it seems like every time I see someone with beautiful shiny nails, they have a gel manicure.

I want a gel manicure!  I want a gel manicure NOW(said in my best Veruca Salt voice)

photo source

So I went and got one on Friday.

Because I cook for work and I have OCD when it comes to cleaning my house, my nails are never nice.  Never.  I've only gotten a professional manicure twice and both times they lasted until the end of the day before they started chipping. I kid you not.

So, like I said, I got a gel manicure on Friday.  And I have a couple of things to say.
  1. It was supposed to cost $25.
  2. I was charged $35 because my hands needed so much work.
  3. This kind of irritated me because I only had $37 on me and you know I pay cash for everything because I'm still going all Dave Ramsey.
  4. I picked a color out and the manicurist told me a different one would look better.  I let her choose.  She's a professional, so I figured she would know.
  5. My nails look awesome.
  6. I don't love the color she chose, but I prefer very sheer, barely there colors and this one falls into that category, so it's okay.
  7. My nails look awesome.
There's a chance I could have pretty nails for the rest of my life, people!!

I'm totally doing this next time: 

photo source
Ha haaaaa....just kidding.  Holy daggers!

Have you ever had a gel manicure?


Gina said...

I've never had a gel manicure before, just regular old manicures. You're right though. For people who cook & clean, they don't last long.
I can't do the fake nails thing. Anytime I've tried, somewhere in my messed up head, I panic and want to scream, "I can't breathe, my fingers are suffocating!"

I can't believe I just admitted that, now everyone knows I'm weird!

Michelle said...

I've never had any kind of manicure, but I've heard gel is the way to go. Will you report back on how long it lasts?

Janet said...

61 years old and I have never had a manicure or a pedicure. I always feel like having colored nails just draws attention to them and while I don't actually bite my nails I do kind of pick/ chew at them on occasion(fingers, not toes...ha)!

Jill Eldring said...

I love getting manicures and gel or shellac is definitely the best and well worth it. Mine last up to three weeks sometimes.

Agree on the color!

Kim said...

I've been considering this recently! Let us know how long it lasts and how hard it is to get it removed...the removal is one concern that I've had.

MJ said...

I once had what they called a gel manicure but I'm not sure that's actually what it was. They roughed up my nails then applied tips and some gel type stuff over the top. Then a Dremel was used to trim and shape them. I loved the way they looked but HATED living with them. I had one pop off when I was making a bed. The heavy mattress ripped it right off. Then when I went in to have them all removed, they just kind of ripped them off. Ick, ick, ick! If this is new, I'm dying to hear how you like it.

The Mermaid Cottage said...

I always get the shellac french manicures! I've been doing it for about 6 months and I do it about every 3 weeks. I keep my nails fairly short because I like to garden and cook. I have never had one even so much as chip a little. The only reason I need to get them redone is because of the grow out. I am not into fake nails and this is a great option for keeping your own nails!

Martha said...


If you want a manicure, go and get one of these! I'm on day 7 and my nails are still perfect! I wish I could take a photo for you, but my camera will only take blurry photos.

Mermaid Cottage? I'm hoping to get 3 weeks out of this bad boy :)

Karen said...

Hey Martha! Karen here!! Say, I sent you a message on Facebook...in case you don't check it very often, will you please hop on over there and read it? I've been trying to get in touch with you.

Gracias, senorita!!

Karen said...

P.S. Kiersten just got gel nails last week, and she's LOVING THEM so far. No chipping. But she said she was disappointed with the limited color choices.

SeaWorthy said...

I just spit coffee all over my beautiful laptop..your nails look FAB-U-LOS!!
I would have to un plug you if you really went through with that, let alone pay nearly 37 dollars..

I am making a pledge to arrive over to your house for coffee more often, now..I miss the old times. Facebook has fucked it alllll up.

Thirkellgirl said...

Dear Martha, please show us a picture of your house so I don't have to see Veruca Salt every time I click on EHC because I'm too lazy to set up my own blog feed. Thank you. :)

Artem Korolev said...

Let`s be friends !