Friday, February 10, 2012


This post is solely for my friend who wants a new photo so she doesn't need to look at Veruca Salt anymore:

I took it with Noodle's cell phone.  It was the last day of ski lessons and all of the instructors wear costumes.  Look in the upper left of the photo....the "fairy" instructor was Noodle's.  Noodle learned how to do the "hockey stop" this year.

I also took another photo of the golf course where they hold the lessons, but Noodle deleted it.  That little booger.  I took it because there was no snow anywhere on the course but on the skiing hill because all of the snow you see in the photo above was made by a machine.  We currently have no snow here in Minnesota.  Which has been very strange for us.  Our city hasn't even had to plow the roads yet this year.  

I have an exciting thing friend Michelle just bought a house to flip.  It's disgusting.  And she's letting me help pick all of the finishes.  Here's a sneak peak: 

Those drapes are staying.  She doesn't want to throw them out.

Just kidding.


Gina said...

Cute photo! We don't have any snow here in NY either. We are supposed to be getting some over the weekend though. Ugh.

Have fun helping with the flip. I think you should start a new design trend by leaving those curtains.

Thirkellgirl said...

Thank you. I am gleeful with power as I sit here in my empty nest typing away to my imaginary friends. :) My daughter's in northern Wisconsin for school (I forget if you know that) and she says they've got snow for cross-country skiing but it's terrible because it keeps melting and freezing. Since Noodle doesn't have a hat on I will retreat on my outrage that my daughter is wearing a tshirt and fleece hoody to class instead of her expensive 40-below LL Bean winter coat. Can't wait to see that flip. Lots of potential!

Jilly said...

My nephew started snowboarding this year. Fun stuff but a bad year to start considering there is no snow.

You have to take lots of before and after pictures of the flip! Can't wait to see it!

Kim said...

How did that kid get so big???

Share all of the progress on the flip! Can't wait to see what she (guided by you, of course) does with it.

SeaWorthy said...

a flip! wow..I thought that was a thing of the passed..cant wait to see what you do with the place!

That noodle person is growing up perfectly, so cute! I have indeed informed my eldest of the arranged marriage..I get the awesome and ever dramatic sigh with eyeball roll..he has it perfected.

the Darling and Beatufiful Cutzi had her little baby better get over there and check him out, he is amazinG!!! did you think she would have an amazing baby..
see ya ziems..

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