Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow.  Has it really been since the end of March when I last posted?  


But I really haven't been doing much around the house besides cleaning and whatnot, so there hasn't been much news to report.

HOWEVER...I'm gearing up, people!

Zuddy finished painting Noodle's Jenny Lind-style bed a pretty gold color and we're waiting for the paint to cure and harden before we put it together.  We also hung some things on Noodle's walls.

I'm starting a really big project now: I've sanded all the doorway trim in the hallway and I'm going to start painting it all white this week!

Also, the light above our kitchen sink broke a while back, so I picked out a new one: 

It's a vintage-y industrial-y looking mercury glass little number. I really had a hard time finding one I liked and I'm not even sure I love this one.

But, whatever.  

It lights up and that's the important thing, right?  I need to get an Edison bulb for it today when I pick up the paint for the woodwork.

So, I'll take a photo of the hallway for a 'before' shot and post it later.  I swear.  Pinky-swear!


Kathleen said...

That's a great light. Good choice.

Michelle said...

I like the light, too. An Edison bulb will be perfect.

I'm so glad you're back!

Thirkellgirl said...

I like it, I think it's cute. I love that you say "it lights up and that's the important thing." I messed up my back in April and have spent way too much time cruising the internets and now I have NO patience who are agonizing over stupid things. I LOVE white woodwork! See you in September, lol.

Kim @ Vintage Pretties said...

Welcome back lady! I like your light choice & can't wait to see Noodle's room!

Jill Eldring said...

LOVE that light. Where did you find it? SO cute! We went apartment shopping in St. Paul for a friend who is moving here from DC in August. I thought of you. We had a HARD time, but ultimately we found her this awesome place on St. Clair, not too far from The Rusty Taco and Trader Joe's. She is right across the street from a park and has an awesome view. I should send you the pics, you would love it.

Martha said...

Hi there, girls!

Thanks for liking the light :)

Jilly, I got it at Muska lighting on Grand Ave. It wasn't even on was lying on a table and I said I wanted to buy it and the sales people had a very puzzled look on their faces and wondered where I found it!

Poor Thirks! How's your back feeling? said...

Online de bonnes critiques.