Thursday, March 29, 2012

Noodle Room2

Noodle Room2

Noodle Room2 by elizabethhillcottage on

I keep forgetting to post this now obsolete update of Noodle's Room mock-up!
You were all absolutely right when you said she needed furry pillows.  So, this mock-up is a little more fun.

 I said this photo was obsolete because we've chosen other pillows.  Here's one I actually bought from PBTeen:  

She LOVES IT.  When I ordered the zebra duvet and pillowcases I got this pillow, too.  But I didn't tell her about it so when she came home from school one day, her bed was all made up with her new linens and this pillow.  She was so excited, and now I'm really trying to focus on finishing this room for her.  She's such a good little girl and I want her to love her room and have it as the perfect pre-teen refuge for her.

By the way, I've never bought bedding from PBTeen or Pottery Barn, for that matter.  The quality of the zebra duvet is outstanding.  They have all sorts of special little touches in their design.  Like a super-hidden button closure and even a pocket to tuck the comforter in so you can't see it at all inside the duvet.  I'm very impressed.  I was going to buy a knock-off on ebay or overstock, but I'm glad I spent the extra $$ and got it there.

Zuddy is working on painting her bed right now.  And she's decided she wants it gold!  Woo Hoo :) I'll post a photo as soon as the bed frame is finished and we get some stuff on the walls!

Have you ever bought bedding from Pottery Barn?


Kim @ Vintage Pretties said...

I love! I can't wait to see the final room. Your kiddo has good taste.

I purchased Hope's baby bedding & curtains from Pottery Barn Kids & was very happy with it. I've even bought stuff for myself from Pottery Barn Teen -- some of it is very cute & goes with grown up decor.

Michelle said...

Looking good! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Thirkellgirl said...

I buy their pillow covers all the time, always on sale. They really are amazingly well made. If you haven't already bought the bedside tables, do you have an Ikea near you? They have tables almost exactly the same for about $40 a pop. I *think they're called Hemnes. I like the new shebang!

Martha said...

Hi Girls!

Kim, I agree! Love a lot of the stuff in PBTeen for the rest of house. My sister in law always gets good stuff from there.

Michelle! We miss you! What's up girl?

Thirks, actually, Noodle found a nightstand at IKEA....I think it's an Edlund? Man. Her room is getting crammed with stuff. We are going to have to start using wall shelves soon :)

Jilly said...

Good to know about PB bedding. I am such a "I need to touch this if I am going to spend 8, hopefully more, hours sleeping on it, in it. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Just watched a segment on TCLive last week where this woman went to the thrift store and bought furniture and made it over for $50. I wish I could snap my fingers and do that! (maybe wiggle my nose)

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