Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I know I've been missing, but I've had a rough month.

First of all, I got a "little" part time retail job for the Holiday season because I haven't been working much at my big-girl job. I've been working there a lot and I really like itWant to know where?  Here's a hint:  It's a store that sells containers.  Lots of 'em :)

Then? Our house got broken into and our iPad got stolen along with some money and our camera. You know what I've been using to take photos for the blog?  Why, the iPad and the camera, of course! So, that's a bummer.

Then?  Noodle and I got the flu just in time for Christmas!

So that's my story. Also, my computer's power cord has been broken and I finally got a new one, so here I am!  I'm finally back on line.
Did you have a nice Holiday?  It didn't seem very Holiday-like for me this year, but Noodle got an awesome HUGE gummy worm for Christmas: 

Nothing says Holiday more than 3 feet of gummy goodnessI don't mind saying that we've already eaten half of it and it's DELICIOUS :)

So, today I've got the day off and I'm trying to plan our dinners for the week.  I hopped on Pinterest and saw this recipe:

It's basically just doctored up Ramen Noodles....You drain off most of the liquid after cooking the noodles in water with the seasoning packet.  Then you add soy sauce, peanut butter, Sriracha and sliced green onion.  I added one more ingredient, which I HIGHLY recommend: sesame oil.  I just drizzled a little bit into the noodles and stirred it in, and it rounded out the flavor and made it a bit more complex.  It's definitely salty, but I'm not afraid of excessive amounts of salt :)

This is a great little lunch if you want something quick, love Thai food and have everything on hand...which I did.  I think next time I make it I will add some cooked chicken and cilantro leaves...YUM!!


Gina said...

Glad to see you back! So sorry about your house getting broken into.

Linga said...

Sorry about all the tough breaks, but glad to see you back online.

I can't believe Martha Stewart acknowledges the existence of Ramen noodles, let alone has a recipe on her site based on them! I look forward to trying it, minus the Sriracha.

Speaking of Noodles, your lovely daughter is growing up so fast! I only know you through this blog, so please forgive me if that's creepy.

Martha said...

Hello Gina and Linga!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you both had a great Holiday!

Linga, I was also surprised when I clicked on the link and found out it was a Martha Stewart recipe...but there you have it :) !

Kim @ Vintage Pretties said...

There you are! I've been missing you!

That just stinks about your house. Does homeowners insurance cover replacements? However, I'm jealous of your part time job -- how do manage not to spend your entire check there? Especially the Christmas wrap -- the most beautiful anywhere. I allow myself one roll a year.

Yeah, I second Linga's thought -- how the heck is Noodle growing up so fast??? Incidentally, my kiddo saw the pic of the 3 foot gummy worm & was entranced.

Ann said...

That sucks about the break in and the flu at Christmas time. But OMG, that gummy worm...best gift ever! Now I am going to be dreamng of gummy worms all day!