Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TV Room


I didn't realize I've been gone since February until my pal, Thirks,  let me know.   **Hi Thirks!**

What have you all been up to?  Livin' life?  

Me too.

Oh, and I'm on Pinterest alot.  Pinning things I should really be doing in real life, but I can't because I'm spending too much time Pinning.  You know how it goes, right?  It's a vicious cycle, is it not?

So, one thing I have been working on is Noodle's old bedroom.  It was (and still kind of is) a mess, but I will show you where I am right now.

But first, a little background: When we moved Noodle to her new room, I had planned on making her old room into my office and store some of her old toys in here for the little kiddos that come to visit occasionally.  So I got to work painting the woodwork and walls in the spring.  It went from Hot Mess to Cold,Unused Office: 

It looks better, right?  Please say yes.

Well, turns out, we don't use the office.
Like, at ALL.

And when One has a small house, One shouldn't have rooms that aren't in use, don't you agree?

One night, Zuddy came home from work after a long, hard day (He works at least 10-12 hours a day) and Noodle and her friend were camped in our small living room watching TV and gossiping and texting and Kik-ing and Instagram-ing and Snapchat-ing and all of those things that teenagers do on their iPhones. 

So Zuddy went upstairs to our bedroom to sit in the quiet.

I had been brainstorming about how to use the office and finally landed on using it as a small TV room.  I thought this was the perfect time to pitch my idea to Zuddy and you know what?

He totally went for it!

So now we've finished the closet.  It will be used to house all of our office stuff like files, the printer and laptop, games and movies for the new room.  

Wanna see it?  I think it's my favorite thing so far in this entire house.

Here is the before...do you remember how we ripped out the ugly closet system and "cedar paneling"?  When we took the paneling out, it took some plaster with it: 

Not good.

So, Zuddy put up some beadboard and we installed an elfa closet system from The Container Store.  So far, it's been life-changing.  There is more shelving in this teeny-tiny closet than I know what to do with!  See?

Now we have room for the vacuum cleaner and for visitors' coats.

My next task is to clean out the rest of the furniture and put it to use in the rest of the house.  The desk will be our new dining room table.

So that's where we are right now.  I will let you know my plans.  I'd like to do a little mood board for this room, even though I'm terrible at them :)

What have you been up to?


Kim said...

Welcome back! I love your closet! It looks like a before & after from a magazine. Pics of the new TV room please! :)

Thirkellgirl said...

I feel so powerful. :) I think changing that room to a tv room is a fantastic idea. When our girls were teenagers we made a separate tv space in our basement and it kept us all happy. Use lots of rugs, blankets, thick curtains...everything sound-absorbing you can throw in there. We have been doing everything to our house in the past six months. New roof, new gutters, new porch ceiling, new garage door, almost completely finished with our kitchen reno (it's not done until it's all repainted, right?), and I did some redecorating in my girls' room (even though it's been occupied about four weeks in the past year). And I wrestled my Ektorp slipcovers off and changed them to some blue-and-white striped ones this past week. Next up, all closets.

Martha said...

Hi Ladies!

Thirks, I really need some photos of all the changes you are making! You need a blog, girl.

Kim! I'll post photos as soon as I make some progress.

Right now I'm waiting for Zuddy's sister to come and take the piano out of our living room so I can do a big furniture shuffle....also, I will start to paint the doors this weekend!

Miss you girls!

Michelle said...

You're back! That closet looks amazing. I need to get on some major decluttering and reorganizing.

Alb said...

It totally looks better ;)

Thirkellgirl said...

Three years. My friend, are you on Instagram these days? Your friend Thirks :) (Find me @thirkellgirl)