Thursday, March 8, 2007

Cleaning Day!

Oh, yeah. This house is driving me crazy.

My dear friend - the Lizard - left a comment about how it's about time I started on this kitchen true.
But I really dislike chaos in my life. And THIS, my friend, is chaotic. I could never have chaos like this and have to go to work all week, too. Thank God I'm on a little working hiatus.

I need made beds. With clean sheets. Preferably dried on a clothes line (not gonna happen).

I need groceries in the fridge and some fresh produce.

I need all of my kitchen/dining room items happily at home in their rightful cupboards - not in my bedroom :)

I need to shower before 2pm and spend an ENTIRE day with makeup on and my hair fixed. And jeans on - no sweatpants.

I need a day with this gal:

Have you all met?

Everybody: this is Mrs. Meyer.

Mrs. Meyer: this is everybody!

I really think you're going to get along well.

Mrs. Meyer picks up after herself when she comes to visit. And she smells GREAT - especially when she comes to your house smelling like VERBENA.

Sure. She's a little pricier than the other cleaners. Especially when you're trying to use only vinegar to clean. But she's worth it. And she is a little more worried about the environment than that Mr. Clean guy. She's trying harder. She's more responsible.

Having gone through all of that, I think you should know this: I don't think I will be able to NOT paint today!!! I was really annoyed yesterday after my "work", but I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it and now I'm rarin' to go again!

First, I need to get some paint and some good brushes. The ones I've been using to prime are "chocolate".

Ha ha. Anything cheap and flimsy in our house is "made of chocolate". That's a Zuddy thing. You should meet my Zuddy. The dude cracks me up. And he ALWAYS has new material - rarely does he say the same funny thing twice.

And Oh! And we're having a date tonight!! We are going to see an acoustic guitarist. My friend, MJ (more on her another time) knows the dude and says he's FAB-U-LOUS. And believe-you-me, people - If MJ says he's fab, he IS. But I guess he's more folksie, which I'm not sure about.....but I'm really looking forward to it.

Cute Noodle alert!!! She LOVES American Idol. LOVES IT. All the kids at school are talking about it. So last night we watched it together and she really wanted to vote!! Isn't that hilarious?? Here's what's even better: It had to be the girl with the pink streaks in her hair that sang a rockin' Evenescense song. I just love watching my little pumpkin grow into a person.

Speaking of you all have the new(er) John Mayer cd, "Continuum"? No? Well go and get it, dammit!!! It's the best one yet. I've been listening to it while I paint and I can't get enough. It's definitely more bluesy than his other works, but - Oh! So good!

And I've never really taken to the blues, either. In fact, I was on a date once with a guy I REALLY liked and he took me to a blues club because it was his favorite music.

Guess what I did?

Fell asleep.

I'm a barrel of fun, oh yes I am!

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Kim said...

I love Mrs. Meyers as well. Especially the Geranium (which actually smells more like a light rose scent). I get the big bottle of the cleaner & water it down in their spray bottle (directions on the side of the spray bottle). Makes it last much longer & still works!