Friday, March 9, 2007

Do you like music?

Then you've got to check out this guy:
He's amazing.
Zuddy and I went to a small "house concert" last night - my friend MJ and her husband have known him for a long time and he and his wife were staying at their house, so he put on a little concert - but it was actually at MJ's church.

Okay. Here's the deal: I only wish you could've seen it.

I know for a fact that it was only him playing the guitar.

There wasn't a piano and he only has two hands. I checked. I only saw two and he'd be part of a freak show if he had more than two, right? RIGHT??

But I kept searching for more hands because it sounded like there was more going on than what I was seeing. Sometimes it sounded like there was a piano - but, like I said, it was only HIM! After he'd get done playing a song, he'd get this sheepish look on his face and crunch up his if to say, "was it okay??"

Uhhhhh.....YEAH it was okay!
I was totally happy listening to him tuning his guitar. I'm not even joking, people. When he was tuning his guitar all of his fingers were going wild and it sounded like he had started another song.

Anyway. We thoroughly enjoyed his music. Very relaxing. Very nice. I'm listening to his cd right now. If you can attend one of his concerts, I urge you to do so. You'll fall in love with his sweet, gentle personality and it will make you appreciate him even more. Plus, you've got to see him play for yourself. Merely listening doesn't do him justice.
By the I rockin' in the link usage department or what???
Thanks Janelle!!!
PS. I bought the paint yesterday. Those folks at Sherwin Williams are the BOMB.


Amy said...

Hey Martha, I love your blog! Your so makeover and the blog! I've been checking it out daily. This will be great to watch your kitchen transform...maybe it will inspire me fact, Tom is putting in our new kitchen faucet today.

I'm already looking forward to your kitchen wrap party so we can see the real thing!

Love ya!

Martha said...


Believe you me, there WILL be a Par-TAY after this is all done. Let the menu planning begin!