Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dirty Little Secrets

1. I had a DEEEEEElicious Mocha this morning. Whipped cream, full fat milk (I think) This is all thanks to my neighbor, Pam. She gave me a BIG FAT Caribou gift certificate for watching her television (Ooops! Did I just say that? I meant her DOGS!) for the weekend. Thanks, Pam! I also bought a pound of Espresso Roast coffee. Yum....which leads us to our next secret:

2. Nothing to eat at my house. We've been out of coffee for a week. We've been drinking the Folger's crystals that I would normally put to use in a recipe containing chocolate (punches up the chocolate flavor). I hope this is just because I'm in the midst of this kitchen thing. I have no desire to cook or grocery shop or anything else.

3. On that note: Look at this HOUSE!!!! Can you believe that someone lives here? It looks like a garbage house! It's making me nuts. I'm not even gonna show you a picture of my office.

4. I've been ignoring my Noodle. And it's all because of these blogs. But I can quit reading them anytime I want to.

One Woman's Cottage Life
Lost In Suburbia
The Decorated House

Oh. I think I just did a blogging no-no and didn't ask these people if I could share their blogs. But - I think everyone reading this already knows about them because most of you have found my site throught the One Woman's Cottage Life site. Love that site. She's amazing.

I have a BUNCH of other favorite sites that I will post in my favorites as soon as I set it up.

I'm doing a second coat of primer on my cabinets today!!!


Liz said...

Hey Martha,
LOVE your new blog! You go! Never new you were so Web savvy. I have been afraid of blogs and tend to steer clear of them, but I made an exception for you. And it actually wasn't that scary. Interesting stuff. Tell your mom I love her chair cover. She is awesome. Looking forward to following the progress of your kitchen redo. You've only been talking about it for..oh..the last FIVE years!! It's about time you get your butt in gear to actually do it. Let's get together again soon at the Black Sheep. A mocha sounds so yummy right now! I despise women who say "no whip." Live a little! Love ya, Lizard

One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Hey, thanks for linking to me (and I never have a problem with that, hehe!) I've been busy and haven't been able to properly make my blogging rounds, but I'm catching a few here and there. Your house looks like mine always does because of remodeling...It's no fun to live with, that's for sure!