Saturday, March 3, 2007

Day @#$%*!

Okay. This blogging thing......well, I need to figure a few things out.

I tried to set up a guest book - which is kinda ridiculous, as only 2 people on this planet know this blog exists.

And, while I will say I can't do a thing without being interrupted by a sick Noodle (this is what we call our almost 7-year old), suffice it to say that the guest book isn't happening at this time. Also, I can't figure out how to show links. Honestly, the directions for linking is written in what looks like Greek to me.

I'll have to consult with my tech guy. Aka: Husband Zuddy.

Anyhoo, here are a bunch of wallpaper samples I'm considering:

I found them on the Ballard Designs website. Wouldn't it be handy if there was a link for the site? Yeah, dream on......

Here are the knobs & pulls. I got the single larger glass knob and the 4" bin pulls for the drawers.

And the floor:

What a great kitchen, huh? It's in a house that's for sale in a beautiful neighborhood near us. I know it's hard to see, but it looks like the floor is marmoleum, which is what I want.

By the way, I'm painting the bottoms of the cabinets a charcoal gray and the top a creamy white.

Unless I keep working on this blog. In which case , nothing will get done.


One Woman's Cottage Life said...

MARTHA! This is my first comment here but I have to say that I adore your cottage home! The exterior is just darling and the inside is so sweet, too, and full of potential. I can't wait to follow along in your transformation journey.

I love all those wallpaper choices...let me study them for a while and see what I like best. What are you leaning toward? I adore the bolder colors and patterns:) The Ballards catalog is just full of inspiration.

Beautiful glass pulls, too!

Again, I'm looking forward to keeping up with you and will be adding you to my link list! When I get a moment, I'll email with you some blogger help:)

Denise said...

Hi, Martha - One woman wrote about you in her blog today, so I had to come over and visit. You've got some wonderful plans going on. I can't wait to see what develops. After Noodle gets better, of course. In our house, we have our living room torn apart and we are trying to contain the dust and mess, but not making much progress. Please keep going with the blog; I will enjoy checking back and seeing your progress.

Good luck!

Janelle said...

Your blog is cute, and so is your house!

Links are easy. While you're writing your blog entry, open another window with the site you want to link. Highlight and copy (Ctrl + C) the site address.

Now in your blog entry window, type the name of the site, then highlight it. In the tool bar above your writing window, there's a button for a hyperlink that looks sort of like a green 8 tipped on its side. (I have no clue what it's supposed to be really!)

Click on that button and it will give you a window to paste (Ctrl + V) your website address into. Now your highlighted text will be an underlined link!

HTH! :-)

kjquilts said...

Welcome to blogland! Your little house is adorable. I can't wait to see your renovation of your kitchen. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Noodle!

Mary said...

Welcome Martha - like you I too am new to blogging. Am having so much fun meeting new friends who share their lovely homes, thoughts and dreams. Have to thank Kim for introducing you - and Janelle who may just turn into our IT buddy - thanks Janelle for visiting me too.
Here's to the cottage life!

lucinda said...

Love your example picture. I too am about to start on the kitchen remodel journey. I really like the checker board look floor.
Enjoyed your blog.