Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Time To Prime!

I'm verrrry excited to get a coat of primer on today!! And you know what helps? PEOPLE ARE WATCHING!! I just can't let any of you down. There is pressure - a good thing for me.

Over the weekend I decided to fill some holes in the drawer fronts and cabinets - I didn't want to place the hardware in the same spot as the old stuff. So yesterday I sanded everything again and washed them with TSP substitute.

And good news!! Zuddy started drilling holes in the wall for undercabinet lighting!

Oh! And here's the chair that my Mom slipcovered for me - thanks Mom.

Over the weekend, I wasn't feeling so hot and the Noodle had an event to go to on Saturday (Destination Imagination - if anyone out there has ever heard of it) and our friends, Joel and Noel took her - thanks guys! The reason why I'm mentioning them is I think they need to document their current project in pictures and start a blog. Joel just gutted their bathroom and I think it's going to look so great! Noel is a great decorator and they have three of the cutest girls you will ever meet. Zuddy calls each one of them, "sparkplug". Here is a picture of the Noodle and one of their Sparkplugs.

Have a great day, everyone!


Kim said...

I love the slipcover!

HeatherJ said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog. I can't wait to see how your kitchen turns out. I have a few painting projects going myself. Good luck!

The Tattered Nest said...

what a sweet picture of your daughter..good luck with the painting!