Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm SO Excited!

No. I didn't get this beautiful new dual fuel convection range. But wouldn't that be great???
I'm excited because the first coat of paint is ON!!

I'm loving the color of the gray I chose. It's got some green and brown tones in it and it's very nice. And I just love gray.

But there is a problem: I couldn't get such a dark color in a semi-gloss. Because there's so much pigment in the color I had to get a high gloss and I really didn't want a high gloss. So help me, all of you people who know about this stuff - what do I do? Do I "knock down" the finish with a little steel wool? Should I put a coat of lower gloss poly over it? Discuss......

Our talented friend Kim mentioned poly earlier on in this project because I wanted to do a glaze over the creamy color and the poly would keep the glazing intact. I was thinking I'd go that route since I'm really hard on my kitchen, but now I want to be lazy and cut corners. It's my way. It's what I do. I'm lazy, remember?

Plus, I have a block club meeting at my house on Wednesday night and I'm really striving to have things back in the cupboards (without the doors on) by then.

I was going to cancel it, but ......we've had some "events" in the neighborhood the past week and I need to have the meeting.

See, we live in the "hood".

It's usually pretty quiet here and our neighborhood is considered "the next big thing", but it's been 11 years and it's still hasn't become "the next big thing". In fact, we've had a couple of shootings in the last week. Gang related. There's a big meeting with the Police Commander and the Mayor at our library on Monday (incidentally, the Mayor lives in our neighborhood.). So I really think I need to have this meeting. It's already scheduled, anyway.

We were at a family party on Saturday to meet my cousin's (who currently lives in Tennessee) new baby. Boy is he a cutie pie. 3 months old and absolutely gorgeous. And I forgot to take a picture. Anyway, my aunt told me that my cousin's family is moving back to the midwest and they looked at a house in my neighborhood, "but everything's so expensive here!" To which Zuddy says, "Well, have them check on it again - I'll bet the price just went down." Ha ha. So we had to tell them about the recent "events".

In other news, the Noodle has lost the second of her top two teeth!! How exciting!
I hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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One Woman's Cottage Life said...

Hey, I have a little one who is about to lose her 2nd top tooth - yay for toothless grins!

I had tried poly for my cabinets (satin finish, I think) and they came out *way* too shiny. I didn't like them at all. If you go that route, I'd ask a paint professional about the different sheens available or what he recommends to get rid of the shine of the semi-gloss paint (I've heard of the steel-wool trick). Can't wait to see how they turn out! Exciting!