Friday, March 30, 2007

Ooops.....I did it again

Yeah, I know.

Well.....I'm celebrating! Come ON! I've lost 10 pounds!! My neighbor and I are trying to take off weight. Whoever loses the most weight each week gets $5.

I'm kicking some serious butt, people. I've won every week. I haven't talked to her today yet, but I've still lost a couple of pounds.

Hey.........rewarding myself with a large, chocolaty, sugary, caffeine-loaded beverage for losing weight isn't at all like an alcoholic rewarding their sobriety with a martini, is it?


No worries, I can quit anytime I want.


HeatherJ said...

Way to go girl! When I was seriously dieting, I always rewarded myself with Starbucks on Saturday. And I still lost weight. Gave me something to look forward to. What a great idea with the $5 weight loss competition thing. I need to find someone to do that with me because I am needing some serious motivation lately. I think shopping for clothes this morning did the trick though!

Sorry I haven't been visiting. I have really been slammed this week. Hasta Luego!

Amy said...

10 pounds, that's awesome! I was clothes shopping last weekend (an activity I do not enjoy) and that always gets me in the mindset to lose weight. See you tomorrow!

Janelle said...

Well, you know you're going directly to hell for that coffee, you bad, bad girl!

Just kidding--and way to go on the weight loss! Rewards are a good thing!

Martha said...

Oh, that Janelle is just a little sassy-pants, isn't she now???

Ha haaaaa!

Thanks, guys! I've only got about 400 more pounds to lose.

Last time I saw miss Amy, though, she was looking pretty slimmed-down :), I must say.