Monday, March 12, 2007

Uh-oh! Spaghetti-O!

So, as I'm painting and everything is getting fresh and bright with each coat of paint, my old wallpaper is looking really icky. It's faded and tattered in a lot of places and there are grease and food spots everywhere.

So......I'm thinking to myself, "Self? Maybe you should just paint the walls instead of wallpapering them. You love paint! It's so easy and it's much cheaper than wallpaper. Plus, you know you'll need help papering the walls and you can easily change the paint color all by yourself anytime you want for a whole new look! You can't do that easily with wallpaper. Let's paint, okay?"

Okay! Great! I love to paint. So easy!

Weeeelllllll, sometimes it's a good idea to discuss this with the "design team" member in charge of electrical wiring for under-cabinet task lighting. Because to get said "design team" member on board with this little project, he was told to, "go ahead and cut holes in the walls! Anything to make this less painful for you! You don't have to be careful patching them! I'm going to tile and wallpaper over everything! See? See how easy? Easy! Easy-peasy!"

So.....wallpaper!! I love wallpaper! Love it! You really can't get the same impact with paint as you can with wallpaper, can you? Of course not!

Better call and get those swatches!

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