Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lice Lice Baby

On my Noodle's head. Totally skeeves me out. We actually found this on Friday. It's our second go-round with this, so not quite as traumatic as the first time (first time was in daycare). But eeeewwwww!! Plus, do you know how much work this entails?? Oh my gosh - EVERYTHING needs to be vacuumed and washed and put in the dryer. I have to admit: I just put all of the pillows in the dryer on a hot setting. I mean, c'MON! I have pillow cases and pillow protectors on them! But still - an hour in the dryer. Takes for-evah.

So, I got tagged from Penny to reveal 10 things about myself. Penny - I swear I wrote the whole thing, but you know how blogging can be unpredictable? Yeah. Lost the post. I will do this again tomorrow.

I need to go to a new little Bakery/Cafe today and buy a cake for my block club meeting tonight. This place just opened and is GREAT. I went last week and had a salami sandwich with pesto and provolone. It was really good. Everything is of the highest quality and totally homemade. I only ate half of it and brought the other half to Zuddy, who was at work. But I also brought him and his co-workers a four cheese chorizo bread - which is the talk of the neighborhood. Zuddy said it was gone in 1.3 seconds. I'm going there to get a carrot cake, I think. Or whatever he has. I've been meaning to drop by and order something, but I get busy around the house and forget!

Yesterday I went to Home Depot to get a countertop estimate. Dudes. I'm in such sticker shock!!! I totally got nickel and dimed. Let me refresh your memory: I "want" laminate (I really want soapstone, but that's not going to happen :). So I chose the Wilsonart High Definition laminate in Deepstar Agate. Here's a picture:

Now - here are some of the "special" things I want and how much they add on to the total bill:
  • I don't want a backsplash. I want the counter to butt-up to the wall and I want rounded edges. I can't compromise on this. -- adds $400.
  • Tear out of old countertops: adds -- $256
  • Installation of new sink, faucet and garbage disposal adds --$325
Clearly, we (and when I say "we" I use that veerrrry loosely.) will be doing the tear-out and the install of the sink, et al ourselves. That's just freakin' crazy.

For my tiny kitchen, the countertop bill was $2020.00 not including tax.
I'm going to another place for another estimate tomorrow.

I started taking off the wallpaper in the kitchen. I bought a paper tiger and a scraper and went to town. I alreay had some fabric softener in a spray bottle from my last attempt, so I used that, but I think I'm going to try the vinegar that my pal Amy suggested. If I don't see good results with that it's on to the steamer suggestion from Kim.

And, here's some news: I don't think I'm going to wallpaper again. It's just too big of a pain. My neighbor and Mom will need to help me, and I took a wall-hanging off the wall to strip and the wallpaper there was so faded! Maybe I will do a repeating stencil and then age the paint and stencil with glaze. I don't know. I really liked the wallpaper I chose, so this will take some thinking through.

Hope you all have a great day!


Kim said...

Ooooo, that bakery sounds soooo good! Send some of that tasty sounding bread my way.

Wow, that is a lot for a laminate counter! And, when I read that it was going to cost over $200 for them to rip out the old one, I thought "yeesh, I'd get a crowbar & do it myself!"...glad to see that you are on the same page :)

Amy said...

Your husband is handy, he should have no trouble with the tear out and install! I am eager to see the results of the high def laminate since we are thinking of putting in the same.

And thanks for the lice pic...lovely :-)

Janelle said...

Wallpaper is a nightmare to put up AND to take down--I am dreading my one wallpaper project in this house: removing the brown 1980s duck border in the guest bath!

At least you can save yourself some money by doing some of the countertop work yourselves. It will be a pain, but so is getting ripped off by Home Depot! ;-)

And lice...shudder!!! Good luck with that!

Kristy said...

Hi - I've been following your kitchen progress for a while - congratulations on how far you've come! And painting all the cabinets - I did that once, and vowed never to do it again.

I completely gutted and remodeled my kitchen last summer. I went with a granite composite for the countertops, since there was a relatively small amount of counter space (and it was just one of those things that I didn't want to compromise on). But, my dad and uncle ripped on the countertop all on their own. They didn't have to worry about saving the existing cabinets, but I think you should be able to do it. And I had a friend with some very basic plumbing experience hook up the new faucet, garbage disposal, and dishwasher, and it was a pretty simple process, assuming you don't need to modify the existing plumbing. (I did, but my uncle is a plumber by trade, and took care of that before the countertops were even installed).

Also - I bought my countertops and cabinets from Home Depot, and got tons of deals. So I would definitely talk to a kitchen planner and see if there are any things like that out there, or coming up.

Good luck!