Saturday, June 23, 2007

Been A While!


Things have been busy around here.

School's out, and I started a work project which has me leaving the house at 7 am and coming home at 6pm. That, plus evening activities have kept us really busy.

Of course, nothing is happening in the kitchen department, but that's why I'm working! Mama needs a new floor and countertop.

My Mom started being a granny nanny for the Noodle, but then my cousin's twin 18 year old girls were more than happy to take over, so they've been taking excellent care of my Noodle.

My going back to work for 5 weeks has been tough on her. I leave before she gets up and on Tuesday, my Mom took her to Schmackie's ball game, so I was asleep before she got home. By Thursday it was melt-down city, baybee. Luckily, we only work 1/2 day on Friday, so I got home and we snuggled up for a nap.

I miss reading my favorite blogs, but I will be able to read them again in a few weeks! Right now we have enough stuff going on with housework, graduation parties, weddings and bridal showers.

I hope all my friends are doing well......Kim, Heather J, Janelle, Penny and Amy, to name a few!

Oh - typing this is sheer agony, as well. I chop-chopped my finger. It's gross and it hurts. I shaved off about 1/4 of my left pointer fingernail with a very sharp Sankotu knife. So now I'm done typing for a bit :)


HeatherJ said...

I bought a really nice knife a while back and I wasn't used to cutting with something so sharp, so I did the very same thing. I cut the tip right off. Sorry you have such a busy schedule right now. Hang in there girl!

Kellie said...

Ouch! Glad to hear your updates, however. Heal that finger!

Kim said...

Ohhh, you know I feel your pain on the job thing!! And, unfortunately, the finger thing too. Today, I nearly electrocuted myself on an un-covered lightswitch. The kitchen can be dangerous!!

ACottageIndustry said...

Hang in there. You're lucky you have so many loving family members wanting to tend to the lil' noodle. You can do this!

Pen said...

Hang in there! The busy time will give you the new floor and counter in no time!

OUCH! I hope your finger is feeling better soon! That's why I stay away from those good knives. I would probably lose a!