Saturday, June 30, 2007

Things I Need..........


Because my hair is turning this color:

I have an appointment at 8 am, thank GOD. Because I'm SURE, if I ever let it see the light of day, my grey hair wouldn't look as beauteous as the silvery grey in the photo you see here!

I also need to go and get some hair product like THIS:

And most definitely like THIS:

And maybe I should try a little of THIS:

What the heck, right?


Then I need to bop on over to a bookstore and get THIS for a wedding shower gift:

Great book, people. I highly recommend it.

Anyway. That's what's on the agenda today. Plus a wedding. And some weeding. In the garden.

I'm going to treat myself to reading 3 blogs before I hop in the shower. Ooooo! What a treat! I don't know which ones yet.....Heather J? Kim? Tracey? The Tattered Nest????

Well.....I've been such a good girl. Maybe I can read three this morning and 3 more this evening?



Kim said...

I didn't know that such a cookbook existed! I'm going to have to look for that.

Hop on over to my blog before tomorrow morning, because I'm having a give-away!

Pen said...

You are one busy lady! You always have such exciting things going on! I LOVE getting my hair done and buying new hair products!

Have fun at the wedding & the!

HeatherJ said...

Hi! Just back from a trip to Indiana in the rv. woohooo. How have ya been? Still crazy busy?

I'm getting *that* hair color too. Whatsupwiththat!! Wasn't I *just* 18 years old?? I'm even getting gray in my eyebrows. I do love hair product too. Grund is my latest and greatest. The cookbook looks good -- is it worth adding to my collection if I am cooking-challenged?

Janelle said...

Hey, looks like you've been as busy as I have. Hope all is well.

I've had gray hair since I was 21, but it's only been in the past 3-4 years that I've really needed to cover it. The nice thing is that the color makes the gray more flexible and less....wiry!

Amy said...

I'm in need of a color too. I'm stopping at SuperTarget on the way home from a meeting tonight to buy a box. I am certain I will manage to spend at least an additional $50 in other you ever make it out of Target with just one thing!