Thursday, June 7, 2007

So Think You Can Dance...........

Has anybody watched this show? The Noodle and I got hooked last year - Oh my gosh, it's such a great show!!! It started a couple of weeks ago and last night the Noodle and I camped out on the sofa and watched. SO GREAT!

In other news....I got this CD a couple of weeks ago:

I saw her on SNL singing a track from this CD. I thought it was a cute, fun song, so I bought the CD. I like it. It's a fun, frivolous little album. HOWEVER....she swears quite a bit in there. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but she says "mother %$#@" a couple of times.

Now, we all know I have that Noodle-y sidekick, right? She loves this CD. In the car, I can press the mute button on my steering column to omit the offending word. So I do that and it seems fine. I've noticed a LOT of things fly right over her innocent little head.

Or so I thought.

Well, we had just gotten home after running some errands and I was unlocking the door and Noodle said, "Mom! She says some bad words in her songs!!"

I just hung my head, bit my lip, winced a little and said, "Yes, I know. I wish she wouldn't, but that doesn't mean we need to sing those words or say words like that. It doesn't sound nice, does it?"

Noodle: "No, it doesn't. I can't believe she says one word. It's really bad, Mom."

Me: Oh crap. OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmyGOD!! I knew I shouldn't have let her listen to it. What was I thinking?? "Ummmmm, which bad word are you talking about?"

Noodle: "Mom! Didn't you hear it??? She says STUPID a LOT!!"

Whew. I think I will accidentally "lose" that CD and get High School Musical instead.

Oh! We went to my nephew's baseball game on Tuesday. Of course I forgot my camera. Argh. But here's a picture of him at Christmas:

Anyway, he made the most AWESOME double play!!!!!!! I am the proudest Auntie. He was pitching and caught the hit. The player who was on first base started running to second base and Schmackie (my nephew) threw the ball to his first basemen and got that runner out!
For a 3rd grader to have the presence of mind to catch the ball and immediately think about throwing it to the 1st boggles my mind. Zuddy and I made SUCH a noise cheering that Schmackie looked over at us with such surprise! We were freaking out, screaming and carrying on. I can't wait until next week!

What else? Oh, I went to the Doctor and he increased my current dosage. I thought I was at the maximum dosage, but it turns out I was at half the max. So this is day two on the increased dosage and I'm starting to feel good again! Yea! I was starting to avoid phone calls and e-mails and wanting to sleep all of the time. And most of all?? No interest in reading blogs!

THAT'S when I knew I needed help! Ha haaaaa!

Oh! I'm planning on going on a little Segway tour with friends from work! Has anyone ever ridden on one? I haven't and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I saw an article in Cottage Living magazine about fun things to do when visiting Minneapolis. Well, there's nothing like being a tourist in your own city, right? Now we need to figure out a date. Then we can all invite another friend or two! WooHoo!!

Have a great day!


Kellie said...

I had to laugh at your daughter thinking "stupid" is a bad word -- it's a bad word at our house too. A long time ago I instilled it in her little head that it wasn't nice to call people or things "stupid," so now whenever my husband and I say it, she says: "Mom! Dad! Safety patrol! Don't say stupid!"

Kim said...

Whenever we mess up & say a bad word, we scold each other by saying "Little Ears!!!"

Kim said...

By the way, are you starting a new job? Did I read that correctly?

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

HeatherJ said...

Aaaah, yes, the "S" word. Always cracks me up when my kids get mad about someone saying "stupid". I have 2 sets of CDs, one for driving with kids and one without.

It is hard to tell what goes over their little heads and what doesn't. I watched Grease with my daughter and couldn't believe some of the things in that movie that went over my head when I watched it as a girl. My daughter did want to know why Rizzo was having a baby when she wasn't married. Ouch ... wish we hadn't watched that one.

I'll be back, soon I hope. ;-)


GG said...

"Stupid" is a bad word here, too. Apparently "Smackie" Buckheiner and "Louie" Buckheiner, with emphasis on "Buckheiner" are also verboten.

I need to Google "Buckheiner".


Pen said...

LOL...What a cutie! My DD & DH both want this CD! She doesn't seem quite as angry as she did in her older stuff. At least the song I have heard.

I like the idea of being a tourist in your hometown. DH, DD, & I hope to do that this summer! Have (or hope you had) a good time on the Segway Tour!

HeatherJ said...

That is my new favorite show too! I feel sorry for the girl who got voted off last night. And her partner got to stay! Whatsupwiththat! I *finally* did my "tagged" post. Sorry it took so long. :-(