Friday, July 27, 2007


be broken beyond repair!!!! PLEASE! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

The dishwasher is broken. It was making funny noises last night and the dishes weren't clean after running the cycle. I tried it again this morning, taking out this huge pot that I had in there....I was thinking, "maybe it's the big pot." Nope.

We don't do dishes by hand at Elizabeth Hill Cottage. Nosirreebob.

Okay. We do the knives by hand. But that's it.

Right now we have a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher. It's been a good one and we haven't had it very long.....maybe 5-6 years? I can't remember, exactly.

But at one of the places I work at, we just got this baby:

And isn't SHE a beauty?? Huh?

**I'm fanning myself**
I think I'm in llllllllooooooove.

And you know what purchasing this would lead to?

Oh, I think you do!

Maybe one of these?

And, perhaps, one of these?

Well, I'm totally getting ahead of myself. That darn Zuddy can fix almost anything.

But a girl can dream, right?



Cheryl said...

Oh I love it! I know that prayer! Yes, I do! That, "please oh please be broken!" prayer is one I am QUITE familiar with! ;) Here's to your dishwasher being broken!!
hugs, cheryl

Kim said...

Oh yes, those would look quite nice with your new countertops!! :) Call me your enabler....

HeatherJ said...

Hey girly! Glad you're back. I'm trying to get motivated to get into housewife mode, but having challenges with that. The house is a mess, and no schedule just messes me all up.

I got tired of breaking appliances and bought a home warranty. AND I do not hand wash dishes either.

Hopefully he won't be able to fix it and you'll get new stuff! Woohoooo. Do you have stainless appliances right now? I'll have to look back at your kitchen pix. The house I bought last year came with them and I really love them.

Martha said...

Tee hee!!!

Thanks for the comments, girls!

I'm running a load right now. Zuddy fiddled with it a bit, but I still don't think it's working:)

No stainless here. For the longest time I didn't want it. I've worked in a few restaurant kitchens where it looks smeary and gross 5 minutes after cleaning it. But, dang, I love how it looks!

Thanks for enabling me, girls!!


The Tattered Nest said...

DREAM BIG! I've got my fingers crossed for you...can you believe I have never owned a dish washer?

HeatherJ said...

What's the diagnosis on the dishwasher? Any new appliances yet?

The Tattered Nest said...

from one Minnesota girl to another..hope you and your love ones are safe and sound and weren't involved with the bridge collapse in any way...such a sad time.

Pen said...

I've been thinking of you. I pray you and your family/friends weren't touched in any way by the tragic collapse of the 35W bridge.