Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nate on Oprah


Did you see Oprah yesterday??

I watched it right after my dear friend, Kirst, and I got back from Homegoods. We had just had this conversation about why we Americans feel the need to have everything we want, be materialistic, live beyond our means and decorate our houses to the hilt.


Anyway....did you see what he did to those houses???? My favorite was the kitchen - that couple was adorable! I want to be friends with them......did you hear when the lady said she wanted to marry Nate? She told him he could learn to love her, or something like that! Hilarious!

If you didn't see it, click here.

And here's a photo of the kichen:

Aaaaaahhhhhhh.............beeeeeaaaauuutious, huh?


I'm going to work today. So I can have this:


And this:

And maaaayyyyybe even THIS:

Clearly I'm not the one with the materialism issues, am I?


lucinda said...

I love the fact that Nate makes it his mission to rid the world of wall paper border! I hate wallpaper borders! Oh course it doesn't hurt that all of these company's donate all of this great stuff to the cause! I also wondered what does the rest of the house look like now that the den/bedroom/kitchen was updated. Does the rest of the house seem in a time warp. Don't get me wrong...that cutie Nate can come to my house anytime!

Dawnie said...

Nope, YOU are not the one with materialism issues, *I* am!!! (Does that make you feel better?!?!) Hahaha!

I didn't even get to see the show, (and can't click on the link yet, I'm at work, but will see when I'm at home) but the pics alone prove I have major materialism issues! Aaargh!

I mean, I NEEEEED a fridge that has a shelf JUST for the 3 tier cake I just baked with perfect strawberries and white chocolate curls on top, right?!?!! (sigh)

Michelle said...

Cute kitchen! I would love to have Nate come and help with my house!

Penny said...

I had to leave to pick my daughter up from an after school activity so I didn't see beyond the "country" house's before. I wish I would have thought to hit record on the TiVo remote.

I love that fridge, but we would have to do a complete remodel for that freezer drawer to work in this kitchen. I just don't see that happening. ;)

Cutzi said...

Ok - so you don't know who I am. I don't know who you are (not really at least)... but I happened upon your blog last month and have been reading it since. (Which, I don't know about you but it's always a little weird for me to think about complete strangers reading my blog - but..anyway...) I think I kept reading because of your great sense of humor which I kind of instantly "got". But now?! Now I know we are kindreds. I was totally lusting after that fridge at Home Depot...and lusting after that kitchen on Oprah...and a little after Nate for that matter.

Martha said...

Ha haaaaa!! Cutzi!

Don't you just love meeting a blogger you KNOW you want to be friends with in real life?? I checked out your blog last night and LOVE it. Your kids? Delicious! I just want to repeatedly kiss your daughter's cheeks and sniff her little head :)

Thanks for visiting, everyone! And for watching me beat myself up for coveting material items. Soooooo wrong.


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I covet. Yes I do. Then I have to face the reality of my checkbook and joblessness. A constant battle for me. ;-)

I adore nate (and was just a teeny bit sad when I found out he is gay, as if I didn't already know that, or I'm not married, or if he would ever give me the time of day anyway). So when she said she wanted to marry him and he would grow to love her, I just thought she was soooo cool.

Her kitchen is a carbon copy of the one my parents have. The new kitchen is absolutely amazing.

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