Friday, October 19, 2007


What's happenin' friends? Whatchya up to today?

AAAAaaaargh! It's so rainy here. It was nice when I was snuggled up in our attic bedroom listening to the rain on the roof, but now that I'm downstairs in our playroom/office? It's much less cozy and more......I don't know.....wet.

I was hoping to take the Noodle tromping through the woods today, but that's not going to happen, I think. And we never got that cake made yesterday. Noodle was invited over to the Sparkplug residence for a play date.

Oooo! A long time ago, Sparkplug Mom shared a picture of what the tile work would look like in her bathroom! Well, they're almost done and it looks JUST like the picture! Wanna see the picture?

Their sink and mirror isn't the same, but Sparkplug Dad totally recreated the tile work (The photos you see are a display at the tile place.) Isn't it just a great-looking room? Sparkplug Dad totally gutted the bathroom and has done all the work himself. That's one handy dude. And Mom has such great taste. I tell ya, they are the greatest family!

I took Franklin over there to drop the Noodle off and he was oh-so-happy to see all of the Sparkplugs! Then I took him back to our house and fed him some carrots, banana and crackers. He loved it! He was kicking his little leggies and chatting to me.

Here's a gratuitious Franklin shot:

SIGH......isn't he just the cutest? Believe me - those cheekers got LOTS of smoochies yesterday.

So I made that soup. Deelish. Roasted Tomato Basil from The Barefoot Contessa cookbook. Soooooooo good.

I've been in such a cooking mood since the weather has turned, but believe you me, it hasn't been like this in a looooong time. The Noodle is such a picky eater that I end up feeling like a punching bag at meal time. In fact, she made a face at the potatoes the other day and I let her have it.

Here's the deal at our house: You take one bite of everything. Don't like something? Fine. Just find something on your plate that you like and eat it, dammit! I'm not fighting with you and I'm not making you a separate dinner! I got this tactic from my dear friend, MJ. And every other day or so, I serve something I know the Noodle will like. So why is it so hard for her to get this? Still! I get a scrunched up face coupled with a whiney voice! I let her know how rude this is (for the umpteenth time) and told her she'd better not react like this at someone else's house! I'm sure she does, though.

Oh! Speaking of which: Mrs. Jones, you had to have seen Oprah when Jessica Seinfeld went on there and gave Oprah a taste of YOUR SPINACH BROWNIES!!! I hope she BOUGHT that recipe from you!

Okay. Today? We need to make that cake. I have a chocolate cake mix on hand from Target - their Archer Farms brand. It's the best cake mix out there, people. Then, I'm going to make the scratch buttercream from The Barefoot Contessa.

Then? We are cleaning this playroom. I started the other day and then someone called me and invited me to go for a walk with them. And exercise is more important than cleaning, right? Right. Especially for ElChubbo here.

Oh! I will leave you with a picture of the Clematis from my garden!

Oh! And some chinese lanterns!

Question: Does anyone out there know if these dry well?

Have a great day!


Amy said...

Martha, I am laughing at the face scrunch! We do the same thing at our house, there is only one meal for the evening, take it or leave it! Last night we had a delicious dinner of Tri-tip beef roast (from Trader Joe' that store!), veggies, mashed potatoes and ciabatta rolls. You should have seen the face scrunch on my son when eating those mashed potatoes...oh the drama...actually, the mashed potatoes were pretty boring last night but you would have thought he was eating raw sewage by his reaction.

I love the gratuitious Franklin photo!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

What a sweet picture! I totally understand what you are saying about the picky eater thing. We handle it pretty much the same way but I feel like it will never end. I'm totally in a cooking mood too with the weather but unlike you I am all about the rain. I just wish I had a metal roof. Thanks for the tip about the archer's farm cake mix. I love all of their products.

Kim said...

Several things...

Franklin...SOOO Cute! No wonder he is your new boyfriend!

That die for..sigh....

Martha said...

The Noodle is the same way with Mashed potatoes!!! What kid doesn't like mashed potatoes???
Ha haaaaaa, "raw sewage" !

by the way, thanks for your input about the noodle a few posts're right: she does still need me here.

I know!! Isn't Franklin sooooo cute? Look at that sweet little mouth!!!

Thanks for visiting, friends!


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, I saw that Oprah. I couldn't believe she had *the* recipe. But she trumped me - she put a second veggie in there. I bought the book, so I will be trying some recipes very soon. We'll see how it goes. Oprah looked like she was enjoying the food though.

I have a bunch of cracked tile in my bathrooms, and I'm trying to decide whether to sue my builder or learn how to tile. It is so intimidating to me though. Where did you take your tiling class?

Martha said...

Mrs. Jones,

I just went to a tile store in the area. I think Home Depot has classes, too, though - like every Saturday...

Seriously, you are sooooo handy, you can totally do it.


Mrs. Jones said...

Mr. Jones won't let me do electrical work or use a saw, so I think it is the tile saw that is intimidating me. Maybe I could just use it with him there so he doesn't freak.