Monday, October 22, 2007

Little Dream House

Hey there, internets!

I don't have anything remotely interesting to say today. Oh wait....."and how is this different than any other day", you say?
Yeah, yeah, I know.

I thought I'd share some pictures of a house in my neighborhood.
It's for sale. For the second time in 2 years. The first time it was pretty cheap and it was for sale a looooong time. I think it didn't sell because it's on a weird lot and there's no garage and no way to add a garage. Anyway, I think a "flipper" must've bought it and lived in it while making some improvements - a new kitchen is one of the improvements, though the old one was original and in good shape.

I love this house. Zuddy hates Dutch Colonials, but I LOVE them. So charming.

Hey! See that yellow house in the background? The Garage Gourmet used to live there! On the upper level! He had a couple of kickin' parties there, too. Good times......
So anyway. There it is. All 1300 square feet. For the bargain basement price of $345,000. Did I mention the biggest bedroom (and there are 3) is 10x12?

Oh....another plus: The view and the treacherous front yard:

It would be a total beeeeeeotch to mow, but isn't it pretty?


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, man, I looooove that house. I've never seen a dutch colonial before. I really like the black/grey colors, too.

the feathered nest said...

The columns on that house are pretty dramatic! Nice renovation inside and a pretty backyard.


Dawnie said...

What a gorgeous street.... buy yes, mowing that lawn scares the heavens right out of me!

As for the house of the Garage Gourmet... you had better be careful... before you know it there will be a double decker BLOGGER TOUR BUS running up and down your street with a lady with a really loud megaphone... calling out each house that famous blog peoples live in... kinda like in California, yanno? You'll have trouble going to the grocery store... going to the library... paparazzi everywhere... life will be hell... Oh... just to have a normal life again!!!

*giggle snort* That was fun.

Amy said...

I have a soft spot for Dutch Colonials too. You're just like me, you probably spend way too much time on!

Cutzi said...

ooooo - I love it! I especially love the dining room but I think I would have put different cabinets in the kitchen. Don't get me wrong - they're nice cabinets. In fact, they're the same ones I have in my studio - they just don't seem to fit the style of the house.

Do they need any firefighters or Jazzercise instructors in your area? We'll buy it! ;-)

Penny said...

I agree with cutzi on the cabinets. They are nice, but don't go with the style of the home at all.

Aside from that, I love it and would just hire someone else to mow that treacherous front yard! ;)

Ellen said...

I have a soft spot for Dutch Colonials, too. There's one near me that looks so warm and cozy and inviting that I just want to move in.

And note to self...when selling, take MLS pictures during fall. Pretty!

Thanks for stopping by the other day! Virtually, that is...

Martha said...

Hi gals!

I agree with you girls: I probably wouldn't have picked those cabinets if I were to remodel that kitchen, but they look nice enough. I really liked the originals....with a little tweaking, they would've worked great.

Oh Miss Cutziiiiiii.....why yes, yes we do need a new firefighter and jazzercise studio - who doesn't, girl! C'mon ovah!

Oh, Dawnie! You crack me up! My life is already like's tough, but it's the price I pay....*shrug*.