Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cutzi Wins!!!

Yay Cutzi!!!!

Yep! That darn phone hopped up in the fridge and snuggled behind that else could it have gotten there?

'Cause I would just never accidentally leave it in there.

Just like I would never try to heat something (like a cup of coffee) up in the cupboard, instead of the microwave. Never.
My cup and then Zuddy's cup.
The thing is? With mine? I put the cup in the cupboard, closed the door and waited.
Like it was heating up in there.
Except there was no beep telling me the coffee was hot.
Then I kind of laughed at myself, rolled my eyes and did again 2 hours later when I was heating up Zuddy's.
Zuddy was watching me do it and said, "Niiiiice."

So Cutzi, my friend, send me an email with your address and I will mail you your prize!!!

Franklin says, "Thanks for playing to the FIVE people who played"


Dee said...

I am Dee, not Cutzi:0

Mrs. Jones said...

It's the latest and greatest in microwave oven technology. I am convinced (at least in my case) that childbirth kills brain cells. I opened the cupboard one morning to get a cup and found a warm gallon of milk.

Oh, thanks for the Franklin fix.

Anonymous said...

I played but didn't post cuz I could not find anything...sorry.
Wow that phone was hidden well and now I see it right away!

MJ said...

Hey Mart! Very fun contest. A bit off topic: I went to Home Depot last night and found a grill that someone had driven a forklift through. Speared the poor thing right through one side to the other. It is the monster of all grills. I could BBQ a whole pig--easy. Anyway--as a fellow scrounger with a grill crazy Zuddy I thought you'd appreciate that they gave it to me for half off and they agreed to replace all the smashed up parts. I'll have it in a week or so--good as new. Just in time for the Minnesota grilling season. At Home Depot look to the side by the exit doors behind a little orange fence and you'll find the island of misfit grills. Make 'em an offer!

Martha said...

Mrs. Jones,

What would I do if I had three kids, like you do?? Because I agree - the kids steal our precious brain cells.

MJ! Look! It's my real-life friend, MJ!! Oooooo! Wait til I interview MJ, people!! She's a veeerrrrry interesting specimen. And a master bargain-hunter, to boot :)