Monday, December 3, 2007

Hey, Thanks, Lisa!!!

My new best friend, Lisa? She's super-cool.

She gave me this award? It's called the......ummmmm...

Yeah. That's it! The Underblog Award.

Oh my.
It actually kind of looks like me. Except for the receding hairline. And the pony tail. The rest of it's a dead-ringer, though. Except for the sideburns.

Anyway, the award is for underlings in the blogging community. The unsung heroes.....the ones getting out there and tirelessly reading blogs every day. The ones compulsively checking their favorite blogs to see if there's a new post to read. The ones who should be paying attention to their children, spouse, house or career. The ones who should maybe get outside and, you know.....maybe go for a nice brisk walk? The ones who maybe have some very nice people reading their blogs but those people - while I'm sure they don't mean to hurt a blogger - they just never comment on that underling's blog. Even if it's just to say, "Dude. I'm totally reading your blog. Totally."

So I need to share the love here, people. I need to pass this award on to other blogs that I read that maybe don't have a gazillion readers or maybe don't have a lot of people commenting on their blog. Because it's polite to stop by and say hello when you pass by someones' cyber-space, did you know that? I'm just learning that myself, so don't feel bad if you didn't know.

But who to pass it on to? There are so many great blogs out there!

I don't know if this is Kosher or not, but you know what? I'm a risk-taker. I'm going to go ahead and throw this right back at Lisa. I heart her. She's super-funny with just the right amount of snark - you know what I'm saying? Sure you do. Go over to her site. Click on that comment section. Show her the love, people. You will laugh. She will make your day.

And then? I'm going to pick another person who makes me laugh: Linda from Restyled Home. I liked her at first because she shows pictures of the inside of her house. But she's showing me a wicked sense of humor these days as well. Peace out, Linda.

And you know, (sniff, sniff **wiping a tear**) there are a few people who commented early on......Mrs. Jones? Love ya, sister! Mrs. Jones always has a great decorating or organizing idea. And she shows pictures of the inside of her house. And while she may not bust out her wicked sense of humor on her blog? She totally has a great sense of humor. Totally. And she has her finger on the pulse, people. She has good blogs on her blog roll.

And go check out Gail from Tattered Nest - I love the way she decorates. And Kim from Vintage Pretties . She's always decorating her house with something fun.

Go on, girls! Pass on the love.


Beth said...

"Dude. I'm totally reading your blog. Totally."

Hey, someone had to do it...I'm just surprised that no one had yet. :) Maybe I'm nerdier than I thought...what a concept!

Amy said...

Dude. I'm totally reading your blog too.

But you know that. Actually, you inspired me to time (probably tomorrow at lunch) I click on one of your blogger friend sites I will actually leave a message instead of just lurking. Lurking...doesn't that sound creepy...yikes!

OK...gotta go clean up that mess of a dining room table.

The Tattered Nest said...

thanks Martha for the blog love! keep up the great tour of homes! I love looking at houses, especially since I live here...

Penny said...

Yep, I'm totally readin' your blog too! I love it! I love your stories and your house tours! :)

Congratulations on your award!

restyled home said...

Thanks for the award...I think...or have I just been lumped in with the likes of Barney on the Simpsons?? Oh, and I actually don't visit as many blogs on a regular basis as maybe I should...but I figure you have to have a life to blog about...!!!

Maybe that's why I don't rack up the comments...I need to suck up more like some other bloggers out there...guess I'm just a big nerd!!
From the looks of it, I'm in great company! We underbloggers ROCK!!
Now, I better get to bed...I do most of my blogging after everyone is asleep...which would explain why I look so bad most of the time...

Mrs. Jones said...

Oh, great time for me to get busy and stop reading your blog for a couple days!! Way to go, Heather!

And, like, uh, did you know I am technically a Valley Girl? Born in the Valley in the 70s. Mr. Jones was just telling me this week I need to, like, stop saying like all the time? And uptalking? Like, I didn't even know I do that? What*ever*!

Anyway, you're the coolest, Martha. Funniest person I know. I get a good laugh every time. You never let me down. Bloggers till the end ... sniff, sniff. (I wish I knew how to do those cool small letters, like you.)