Tuesday, December 4, 2007

House Tour!!

Oooooo! I have 3 house tours just waiting for you to see......which one should I pick?

There's the crazy-expensive little one across the river, the other one across the river and then the one with the kitchen........

Hmmmmm........I think I will go with the crazy-expensive one across the river. And there is a river separating the two towns. But first, let me explain:

  • There's St. Paul and Minneapolis. Now, I'm speaking veeerrrry generally here, but here's a quirky little thing: If you live in St. Paul (or it's suburbs) and you're going to Minneapolis, chances are? It makes your palms sweaty. It's just too big-city for most St.Paulites, what with all those one-way streets and all....scary!
  • If you live in Minneapolis (or it's suburbs): Why bother with St. Paul? St. Paul is Minneapolis' frumpy little sister. Much more humble. There aren't as many flashy cars whizzing about, and there are only a few destination spots: The Science Museum, The Children's Museum, The Ordway Theater. But that's it.

So, I usually show you houses in St. Paul. Which is getting hard because if you were to peruse the real estate websites with me? You'd notice that St. Paulites (in general) don't have that knack for decorating like they do across the river. It's totally true.

But I'm going to venture to one of my favorite suburbs across the river. Now. I'm a St. Paulite. How on God's green earth would I know about anything in Minneapolis or it's suburbs?

Well. I'm hip. I'm a pretty **snapping my fingers** happinen' chick. Mmmmm hmmm. And I've had to learn about navigating these towns out of necessity: I've had jobs across the river - gasp! And I love to drive around in pretty neighborhoods.

Okay, so here's the house we're going to look at.

It's got 2400 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. For $649,900. Oh. And the lot is 60x135 feet. And I'm curious.....maybe to some people this doesn't sound expensive at all. I'm dying to hear from people in other parts....what do you think? Would this be a bargain in your area? Or is it pricey?

Here's the outside: Kind of a cape cod style.

Ahhhh......kitchen shots. Kitchen porn! I'm partial to the white cabinetry, if you haven't noticed. This kitchen has hardwood floors and is 13x11 feet in size.
Ooooo! SHUTTER porn! Love the shutters, people! The living room is 20x13 feet.
The basement is finished with a family room and wet bar. I want my basement finished off like this one. But first we need to drain tile. Hey Lisa? Do you think P-Dub will ever give a free drain tiling job away as a photo naming prize?

Yeah. Probably not, huh?

Here's the master suite in the 1/2 story upstairs.
And the master bath.

And that's it! What do you think? Is it worth that price?

And I tend to be attracted to the smaller, cottagy-homes.......would you rather see the 53 million dollar mansions? Because I aim to please, people!

Next up? Amy's dining room table! Ha haaaaa! Sorry, Aim.


kari said...

Oooh! The outside is gorgeous! And, I love that basement. We are in the process of trying to finish our basement, one or two rooms at a time (hubby is doing it himself so it's a time and money issue). That price seems expensive to me, but it really looks like a great house. Thanks for sharing and heck yeah, I want to see the million dollar mansion.

Amy said...

I love the floor in that kitchen...dark wood floors are my favorite.

Did anyone notice the time of this post...5:53 AM! Shouldn't you be snuggled up under a warm comforter at this time of the morning!

Christine said...

Well, here in the DC metro, that would be an absolute steal (which doesn't necessarily mean anyone can afford it any more!). I just stumbled upon your blog and love it!

Cutzi said...

It's a bit pricey for our neck of the woods too. And personally, I like see these types of homes - ones I could actually imagine myself in someday. And I do like this kitchen - definitlely getting closer to what I envision for my own. Anybody have any ideas on the paint color in that little sitting room? Love it.

MJ said...

From out in the boonies of Buffalo, MN that is quite pricey unless it's on a lake---then no holds barred. They can ask for your first born child in exchange for a kitchen like that.

Penny said...


Right in the city I live that would be pricey, but there are a few areas very nearby where that would be a bargain. Home values vary greatly in my area.

Laurie said...

My sister just bought a house in Eden Prairie, also a Cape Cod style for about half the price, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, double garage so I think it's over priced. Location plays a key role so maybe that's why although Eden Prairie is nothing to sneeze at. Also, my sister's house is just as cute or cuter if you prefer primary colors. I'll post photo's sometime on my blog when she's all done decorating. I prefer the cottagey homes to the mansions or McMansions. I love your house tour posts.

MJ said...

question about dark floors--If you have dark stained oak floors, will the color wear poorly? I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen floors--currently light oak on which every scratch that is exposed to water(imagine water in a kitchen!) turns permanently icky gray. I live with 2 big dogs, a cat, 2 teenagers and a messy husband. So scratches are a given (or a gibbon as F would Say).

Lisa@Take90West said...

I love the mansions and the cottages! Do them all! But I'll read no matter what.

The price for that house is right on par with our old neighborhood in the city...sad but very true. That is a great house. I would love a basement like that and the living room was very nice. But I thought for 600,000+ dollars the master bath should be a little nicer. And the backsplash in the kitchen...I was not a fan.

love ya!

Kim said...

I also live in the DC metro & I agree, that would be a reasonable price.

Anonymous said...

That is a very charming home but I think it's priced too high. I'm out here in California, and home prices are pretty much free falling, but even compared to CA prices, I think this is too high. I lived in Minneapolis (western burbs) for 9 years before moving here, and I am dying to get back there! I get homesick just reading your blogs. I hate, hate, hate California! I spend a lot of time cruising edinarealty.com, craigslist and others. We are in a selling limbo here, so who knows when this move will happen. We are going to look in St. Paul this time--cheaper taxes and a good selection of smaller homes (yes, we are ready to really downsize) with update potential. I hope it happens in 2008. Midwestgal

black eyed susans kitchen said...

In this neck of the woods, a house like that would be on the low side of average. The New Jersey shore area, especially where we live amid the original mansions and newly built Mcmansions, is crazy expensive. We own an expanded cape, that we would not be able to afford today. We are just hoping that the market stabilizes, as we are hoping to sell end of next year. Trying to figure out where to relocate once our youngest son finishes high school...any ideas?? Susan

Candace said...

The home is beautiful, but way more than what homes of the same size are going for here (Dallas). You could get the same size for less than half of the price they want. The problem is most of the homes are newer and cookie-cutter type homes- unlike the one you showed. I just found you from Mrs. Jones and love all the pics you have! Your blog is great.