Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Zuddy!!!

My sweet Zuddy is having his birthday today! I don't say a whole lot about Zuddy in my blog, so let me introduce you:

Everyone? This is Zuddy......

(with Louie and Noodle last year)

Zuddy? The people reading this blog are my friends, the Internets! You might even know some of them in real life. Like Amy, MJ, the LOVELY Michelle (Dude's wife).

I'm going to tell you about my Zuddy.

  • We met 15 years ago at our HS reunion. I knew who he was in high school. He was the long-haired, guitar-playing, leather and chain wearing, druggie smoker-dude. While I was a cheerleader at the pep-fest? Zuddy was skipping the pep-fest in favor of smoking cigarettes across the street from the school. He had a bad-boy hotness about him, though.
  • There was NO way I was going to date him......even if he was funny. He still had long hair and he actually quit HS (and got his GED). Nope. He was NOT for me. Plus, he's from my hometown, and I wasn't having any of THAT.
  • We talked the entire night. I don't think I talked to anyone else - I'll go into all of this at another time.
  • Well, thank GOD I'm an open-minded girl, because I landed myself a TREASURE, people!
  • Zuddy is my other half. We think completely alike in all the big areas of life: parenting, honesty, religion, politics, human rights. But it's the little but oh-so important things where I learn from him: how to love someone completely and unconditionally. How to not FREAK OUT about things. How to THINK before you speak (I'm still working on this one.), How to never say something that will hurt someone (still working on this.....). He is remarkably kind-hearted.
  • Zuddy is sooooo funny and quick-witted! He keeps me laughing EVERY DAY. I mean really hard belly laughs, people.
  • My family likes him better than they like me.
  • He loves children.....LOVES them. Especially babies. He has the most gentle, calming touch. Babies love him.

    (here he is with sweet baby Braden, my buddy Kim's little boy)

  • He's an AMAZING daddy. He's gentle, likes to hang with his girl in the garage, take her camping and to work. He'll do anything for her....he'll make her a special dinner and let her cut his hair:

(Zuddy as a Dr. Phil-style power ranger)

(Breakfast for dinner, ala Zuddy.)

  • He'll do sweet little things, like email me during the day to say thank you for the dinner last night, or puts a craft-foam heart on the coffee maker so I see it first thing in the morning.
  • He'll take Noodle to the bus stop in the morning so I can blog. Even though it's my job to take her.
  • He reads my blog and sometimes comments.
  • He works really hard for us.
  • He takes over the parenting duties when he notices that I'm tired.....without me having to ask him.
  • He encourages me to be with my girlfriends.
  • He buys me ice cream and puts it in the freezer without telling me.
  • He still looks at me like I'm beautiful, even though I've gained a gazillion pounds since he met me.
  • He kisses my forehead I can feel the love......I feel it.
  • He loves his "girls".
  • He never yells. He just doesn't. He rarely gets angry. He's a gentle soul.
  • He tucks me into bed.

I could go on and on......I just want to tell my sweetie "Happy Birthday" and "I love you!" and "You're amazing".


Amy said...

Martha, that is so sweet. It almost made me cry, seriously. Wish him a happy birthday from me and thanks for writing all of those nice things, it is a great way to start my day and make me think of all of the wonderful things I love about my husband.

Thirkellgirl said...

Aw, Zuddy sounds just like my Mr. Thirkell. :) I wouldn't have talked to *him in high school, either, because he was a Bad Boy who hunted and listened to Ted Nugent and I was a Preppy Princess (actually a Prissy Preppy Princess)who disco-danced and listened to the BeeGees. Tim McGraw did a song a few years ago that had a line like "I'll show you how a real bad boy can be a real good man." Sounds like Zuddy is one!

restyled home said...

That was so sweet! I love hearing about people who are happy together... I, too, adore my hubby. He is the only man for me (and probably the only man who could put up with me) and aren't we lucky??!!

Happy birthday to Zuddy!
I guess this means you won't be trading him for my finished basement...??


Janet said...

What a lovely tribute. It makes you realize, well I am not sure what to say, just glad he is so wonderful and makes you so happy. I wouldn't have looked at my husband in H.S. either. I am quite sure he was really dorky and I was way too busy trying to be popular, LOL.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Happy Birthday to Zuddy!
You are so lucky Martha, he sounds like the perfect guy for you!
And that Noodle is such a cutie!

The Garage Gourmet said...

Happy Birthday, Zud!
I owe you a Summit. And since I won't see you today, I may have to toast without you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Martha what a lovely birthday wish and so true about Dave. And the leap year anniversary is coming up this year also!

Cutzi said...

Martha! Beautiful. It blessed me this morning to read what joy you have in your marriage and in your husband. It is a rare treasure! Good job Zuddy... and good job Martha for seeing and appreciating all those little things!

Happy Birthday Zud!

Cutzi said...

Oh! And I can totally relate - I swear my mom loves my husband more than me! Sometimes she'll call on the phone and just talk to him and minutes later I'll say, "Who was that?". "Your mom." Wha?!

jilly said...

What a very sweet birthday tribute! And if he is a fan of Summit, I will have to invite you guys over to the brewery when I give my first tour as I am an all important volunteer at the brewery! I can slip you guys a couple extra ;) and you can bring Noodle because they do serve root beer too!

gordostyle said...

Oh my gosh...that was better than Pioneer Women's love story! HA!

You definitely have a treasure and that is oh-so-important! Congrats and Happy Birthday Zuddy from the Internet's!

Oh, and please note, my hubby had long hair too... didn't play guitar, hung out with the bad boys too while I pretended to be preppy and LIKE cool!

When he cut his hair, I found a total babe underneath! However, he had my heart before the haircut!


Sister Honey Bunch said...

Wow. I think I might be in love with Zuddy. Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you picked out a good one. I hope that you still have your heavy metal music collection (no doubtedly on casette tape)and some smokes stuffed waaay back in the junk drawer, for posterity sakes.. Hes lucky to have you and you him..I love a good love story!
Happy birthday, big dude!!
Rock on..
coastal nest

ZUDDY said...


The Tattered Nest said...

wow. Martha you are blessed...I could relate on so many levels, my husband is a lot like yours...we are lucky girls! Happy Birthday Zuddy!

Anonymous said...

This post made me cry (ok I am PMS ing) all of the kind words are very true. Most kind person you will ever meet.

Michelle said...

Beautiful post, Martha. Did I ever tell you that when Kris (aka Dude) and I were making our wedding reception invite list, I asked him which friends he wanted to invite, and right away he said, "Zud." I had to explain that, well, he's already invited because he's your UNCLE. Zud had a pretty amazing influence on Kris when he first came to MN, and he'll always be one of Kris' closest friends and favorite uncles. (And you're pretty lovely yourself!)

Happy Birthday, Zud!

Michelle said...

Oh, and the baby thing is so true! Pippi called Zud when we first got Shelby and said, "I just wanted to let you know that we have a new baby over here that [Noodle] might want to come see." And Zud said, "Baby? Who has a baby? [Noodle] isn't here, but can I come over and see the baby?" So Pippi had to explain that it was, in fact, a guinea pig baby. Not quite the same thing, apparently. But we all know that if you want Zud to show up for something, just promise him there will be a baby!

PLO said...

Happy Birthday Zuddy. You are so lucky to have each other. I could relate to a lot of what you said. My husband and I both had long hair and chains and skipped the pep rallys. Ha! I especially related to the baby part, he loves babies...any baby. That is so sweet. Enjoy your day together!!!

MJ said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
I've never laughed harder then when I've gotten to hear Zuddy tell one of his tales. Zuddy, you should know that when we girls get together we go on and on about how much we love our boys. We chat you guys all up all the time, not just on their birthdays.

I'm all misty. Sniff, Sniff.


Penny said...

Ah, how sweet! It's nice to hear someone say nice things about their spouse. Most are so quick to just point out the faults of their significant other.

Happy Birthday Zuddy!

Sarah said...

What a sweet tribute to your Zuddy. Happy Birthday ;)

Bristol said...

That is a really nice post to your husband. My husband has a hat like that. It comes out in the summer, every day. I said the same thing about my hubby, only he was divorced and had kids. But we were meant to be. He is the best Dad to my son as well. Happy Birthday to a good man!

Sister Sassy said...

Aw, what a nice post! Happy birthday Zuddy. I have to say my family probably likes my husband better than me too lol! Hope he enjoyed his day!

Kim said...

Martha, I love this! (And, I love his response in the comments because it shows that he is funny too). Its just how I feel about Glenn. And, I would have NEVER looked at Glenn in high school either!

By the way, the possible trip to Minneapolis is looking less likely, but for a good reason...I'll email you with the details. But, I'll get out there someday!