Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wait!!! Slow Down!

I told MJ about how we need to blog about the making of these chalkboards. Because Lisa said so. And you know what she said??

"What are you doing this weekend?"

Tsk, tsk, MJ.

Perhaps she doesn't realize we need to put this off for a bit? You know, sit with it....go look at mouldings......then put it off. Go look at paint......then put it off again.

I just don't "jump in" and get something done!!! (and, yes, I used finger quotes around the "jump in".) That's CRAZY talk!!! (and here? I'm waving my hands like a crazy person.)


Anyway, anyway, I told Kirst we'd be making them and would she like us to make one for her? Free? No effort involved? (she said no.)
"Oh." I said.
"Did I mention we're doing it at your house? And using Frank's tools?"

Ooohhhhh.....I forgot to tell you all that MJ gave Noodle (me) her old doll house (it's mine). Can you believe it? So I've been shopping.......

Whoa!! Look at this thing!!!!! Amazing, huh? $232. I didn't even spend that much on my life-size dining room chandelier!

Look at THIS!!!!! An AGA stove for a doll house!

Heeeyyyy. I wonder what they have for DISHWASHERS?

Hmmmm.....this would be like buying the Ariston dishwasher at Appliance Smart, huh?

And thanks to all of my internet friends, I think I will wait on the dishwasher. I'd rather get what I want. And I DID go to Lowe's and look at the Bosch dishwashers......the price is good, but I kind of don't like the way the interior racks are set up. I know that's dumb, but Ladies? As a student intern and recipe developer? I've loaded many a dishwasher. I'm going to go and look again, though, because I've been hearing from everyone that Bosch is the way to go. And even the top of the line Bosch is cheaper than the Kenmore that I want (if I remember correctly. Numbers are swimming around in my head.).

By the way? All of your comments CRACK ME UP!!!! I looked at the links sent by Michelle and I totally remember those jeans. Big Yank. Why did they name their jeans Big Yank? WHY?

Oh, and don't worry, internets, the phone in the kitchen is just a second phone. It has no caller ID. It's only used in emergencies when the cordless is charging. And the old-fashioned ring - it's a BELL! Makes me jump a mile. It's hard to ignore...which is good, I guess. I won't ignore the ringing phone like I normally do.

Oh, and I'm loving my little Motivated Moms chore chart. I love that I don't need to think. Thinking can be dangerous, people.


Kim said...

Damn, that doll's kitchen is nicer than mine.

HA! You & I are cut from the same cloth...actually do the thing that you've been saying that you'll do??? It takes at least a week or so to get motivated! And, you wonder why its taken me so long to post pics of my kitchen...!

Mrs. Fortner said...

"Heeeyyyy. I wonder what they have for DISHWASHERS?" LOL I almost snorted coffee through my nose when I read this line!

Have a good day!

Sarah said...

BTW "mrs. fortner" is me... I am at school, and forgot to change my "identity"....LOL.... didnt want to freak you out!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I think one of the dads at my PTO meeting last night was wearing some Big Yank jeans. Not. Attractive.

Thirkellgirl said...

You crack me up, too. If I ever have to land in that fly-over country we are so having a cup of coffee together. We could even walk around Lowes with our Starbucks (you do have Starbucks in the Midwest, right? It's not all Shoneys?) and look at kitchen things we can't do right now. :)
I think I could really get into sublimating my house-lusts in a dollhouse. An AGA for a dollhouse!

Kellie said...

Welcome to dollhouse world! You think you obsess about houses now -- wait till you start looking at all that little stuff too... Check out for decent prices (and they have coupons). And I use Christmas ornaments in my daughter's (mine) dollhouse. Sometimes they are just the right size. OK, gotta go, I'm sounding like a crazy miniatures collector now...

Beth said...

Oh, you just made me remember something about the Bosch that you need to think about IF you ever consider getting it. It won't hold big plates! This isn't a problem for us because our dishes are vintage Liberty Blue transferware and the dinner plates are less than 10" around.

But so many of the current dinnerware lines have BIG plates, so that's something you'd really have to look into. I think our Bosch can handle up to about 10.75". I want to get some Pfaltzgraff Winterfrost dishes for Christmas use, but if I do I will have to handwash them because they are 11" or bigger.

What I do like about the rack system is that I can stack two layers of tea cups, mugs, and short glasses in the top rack. There's a little flap piece that folds down to double the area...or I leave it up if I'm just washing tall glasses.

Whatever you end up getting, try to get a stainless steel inner tub. I don't know if they all work this way, but the Bosch uses the stainless liner as part of a condensation drying system...somehow the water goes over to the stainless as the load of dishes cools down. It has a heated drying setting you can enable, also, but I don't...BECAUSE (this is what I LOVE!!!) if you don't use the heated drying you can wash things like china with metal rims! And PLASTIC in the bottom rack!!

Okay, that's too much excitement about a dishwasher...I need to go get another cup of tea and turn into a sensible person. :)

Amy said...

I just looked at the bulletin boards at Ballard Design...did you see the big's almost $500. Crazy! Can't wait to see the ones you guys do. I know if it were my project I would probably buy the stuff this weekend and then take three more months to get it done (probably while the materials are in the living room because I always think things will get done faster if they are right in my face...I guess that works if you think three months is faster).

I just read your resolutions post. (I've been a little behind on your blog). Good for you on the bags. I bought 4 reusable shopping totes last year and have made reasonable progress on using them on a regular basis. I can still do better. My "green" resolution this year is use more "green" cleaning products and fewer paper napkins (if anyone saw Oprah last week you'll know what I am talking about).

restyled home said...

I'll fight you for those dollhouse accessories...and I bet I could take you! Pretty bad when a child's toy kitchen is nicer than my real one...

By the way, are you sure you even NEED a dishwasher?? I took you for the old-fashioned domestic type!! SNORT!!

Speaking of that, you are always good for a snort or two when reading your blog...I see I'm not the only one who does this!!


gordostyle said...

OMG, the little furniture looks so fun! Good thing I don't have a daughter! HA!


Pedaling said...

welcome to my fatty blog.
you're in.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

We're going through the same thing with our dishwasher search. We just cannot find one that we like.

PLO said...

You have inspired me to purchase two of those chandaliers...ha ha. They would look silly in my house. Hey, that phone could come in handy, imagine our surprise when our power went out and we had no phone, because they were all cordless electric!