Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Woo Hoooo!!!! I Got It!

Lookie Lookie!!! Here's that TV I won from Lisa!!!!! Can you even believe it? I mean, who gives away a TV for a prize??
Thanks SO much, Lisa!! I can't wait to watch Oprah while I cook dinner!

Hey - you know what would look good with that TV?
This! Wouldn't you say? Huh? Huh?

In other news, I found a cheap dishwasher:

I didn't buy it. I'm on the fence. It's a european brand I've never heard of: Ariston.

It feels cheap.

Aww, heck, it IS cheap! They have 2 models for $299 and $399 at the discount appliance store. Stainless steel interior and exterior.
Do we do it? Or do I save my money for the one I want?

For anyone interested, that phone is from Crosley. And guess what? It's at Target.com, too! But for $20 more than at HomeGoods. I have to say - it's really nice to talk on. That is, when I bother answering the phone. Because I normally don't. Because you know I hate the phone and I'm a hermit. But we had to get one because our cordless is about to die.

I originally wanted one of those ones from Pottery Barn? You know the one, right?

This one?

That pointy ridge on the handset doesn't look like you can easily cradle it on your shoulder. Maybe you can, though. I've never tried it. I'm curious if Crosley manufactures this phone for them? Anyway, click on the Target link above or go to your local HomeGoods store and see if you can find it.

Hope you're all having a great day!


Cutzi said...

Save your money and buy the good one. 'Cause my theory? If you buy a cheap one you'll probably end up having to buy another one anyway - which means you'll have to spend more money in the long run. Just lookin' out for ya sista!

Thirkellgirl said...

I don't have a dishwasher, either (unless you count dh, ha ha) although technically three hundred bucks from my last paycheck before I went on maternity leave is still earmarked for one. Maternity leave was 18 years ago, so I'm of the get-a-cheap-one-now camp.

And I love your posts, love your house photos, but I think you're a little nuts to get a phone with a cord. :) Although I guess it does give you an excuse to stay in front of your kitchen TV now!

Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

You lucky, lucky dawg! I'm pea green with envy.

I say wait to get the dishwasher you really want because you will not be happy with anything less and will just end up buying it in the end anyway.

Love your new phone.

Amy said...

OK...I just cannot believe that you won a TV. That is amazing. Do I blog more to find these giveaways or do I just work more to buy one?? Hmmm.

Save your money and buy the dishwasher you want.

Kim said...

OK, when I read "I got it", I totally thought that you got the fancy dishwasher! haha. I'm with the other poster--try to get the best one that you can afford. You'll save money in the long run.

By the way, I just realised that I can't actually buy that cool phone--I can't stand to be tethered to the wall!

jilly said...

I say wait and get the one that you want. I don't have a dishwasher either, but I don't really mind doing dishes either. I usually dry while my boyfriend washes, no biggie really.

I love the tv, I got one at Target this past summer for my bedroom, really reasonably, and I cannot believe how much better the picture quality is, now of course I want one for my living room. . .but bigger.

I only use speaker phone, but only so that I can multi task.

Beth said...

Do you have a Lowes Hardware near you? My dishwasher compromise was to get the least-expensive Bosch d/w at Lowes. I looked just now and they are just under $600...which is not cheap. But they are built so solidly and run so well. It's like a night and day difference over the cheap GE we used to have. (Oh, I think the stainless ones are over $600)

BTW, the least expensive models don't have the completely smooth front with the hidden controls. This turns out to be okay, really, the controls have a neat techy look to them. And it's an appliance, it has controls, it's okay to show them. Really. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Martha,
You are so right about the PB phone, have it- dont like it- exactly because of what you said in your post. However, I do have a very heavy old black desk top that is awesome for the cradle effect, but guess what- it must weigh 2 lbs! Talk about crook in the neck,I look like hunch back of NotreDame after I finish gabbin with my peeps. However fun and vintagey it is, there still is the price to pay for functionality, not to mention, range of motion for a cordless. (which at my house is usually dead, lost under the sofa cushions or somewhere like the toybox, or dishwasher.... I cannot believe you won that TV!! That is so awesome.Lucky GIRL!!!
I am also from the camp of get it now. Although it necessarily dosent mean on the cheap. I have a problem with that instant gratification thing..CAPITAL ONE>>whats in your wallet??? Lord help the hopeless...Im just not a saver

coastal nest

Laurie said...

Definitely wait and get one you like better. I have been married for 20 years and have only had a dishwasher for the last 4 years. We got a stainless steel GE profile and it's awesome- quiet and powerful. I never have a speck of food left on the normal settings. We spent about $550 and we run it once or twice a week as we still do a lot of old fashioned handwashing. Congrat's on the TV-looks great there.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

The TV looks right at home!
Wait and buy the good DW! It will be so worth it! The cheap one will break in a short time and then you'll be out the money and still not have the DW you really wanted.
Or maybe go to Lowe's and LOWER YOUR STANDARDS GIRL! Believe it or not, there are stainless in and out DW's out there that don't cost 1200.00.
I'm just sayin'.

MJ said...

Did a little research on Ariston. Here's what I've learned so far.
He was a 6th century BC king of Sparta. His first two wives didn't give him a son so he went for a third and together they had a son, Demaratus. He obtained this wife through some sort of fraud from his good friend, Agetus.

Bad vibes, dude.


Michelle said...

I was also trying to do some research on Ariston for you, but I got distracted by this gorgeous commerical I found on YouTube:

So what I'm saying is get a good DW (maybe a stainless Bosch--cheaper but also a Consumer Reports Best Bet), and when you need a new washer, totally go with this Ariston washer that turns your laundry into a tripped-out aquarium!

And while we're on commercials, check out this horrifyingly awesome 1979 jeans commercial! It was on a 1979 DVD that Kris got for his birthday, and it makes me cringe, laugh, and get a little nauseous all at once!


The Tattered Nest said...

Would you quit showing off that new t.v.??? I am getting very jealous!

Lisa said...

Okay...everyone needs to go look at the commercials that Michelle posted from youtube..Big Yank,hmmmm- .Those are totally rockin jeans for sure..Im goin to ebay. The washing machine I think is for acid trips only.

Bristol said...

Did you really win that TV. My mOm has one just like that in her kitchen. I want one!!! I bought that phone in red from PB, I was so sad, when it did not work. It made this horrible clicking sound. Did not know if it was my line or phone. But man was it cute~~~

gordostyle said...

Ok, here's for hoping that Pioneer Woman will give away a Bosch dishwasher! I so want it too! :o)


Mrs. Jones said...

Can you tell I'm catching up on your blog out of order?

That tv is sooooo awesome! I'm amazed that she had such a cool giveaway. It really belongs in your kitchen, so it's good that you won. And I love the accessories you picked out for it.

On the dishwasher, have you tried checking out consumer reports online? I think you can sign up for a month for a small fee, and check out the dishwasher scene. Although, you've probably already bought a dishwasher and I just don't know yet because I'm reading your blog in the wrong order.

Now this is something we really have in common ... I HATE THE PHONE!! (just talking on it actually ~ I would love to have one of those cute phones in my kitchen to look at and not use). My phone rings incessantly and I rarely answer it. I just decided one day that I don't care who it is (except my mom and dad), there is no law that I have to answer that thing, and waste my time talking. Cuz I would much rather waste my precious time blogging, right?!! Ok, I'll be back to randomly pick one of your posts out of order to read it. ;-)