Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Deep Thoughts.....

.....ppttthhhhh! (That would be me doing a raspberry.)

Yeah. Did you really think there was going to be a deep thought within a 10 mile radius of this blog?

Come on. You know me better than that!

Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? The one with Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova? Oh my gosh, it was so good.

The overall theme of the show was about friendship, and they discussed the lives of Chris and Martina and how they were competitors on the court, but pals and supporters and admirers of one an others' tennis talents off the courts. And let me tell you? Those ladies looked amazing. Martina has gotten so beautiful as she has aged!! Chris, too...but especially Martina. And the pythons on that woman!!! Holy crap. That girl is solid muscle. They showed her at her home in Colorado and how she works out.

Oprah also had Coach Vivian Stringer from the Rutgers University Women's Basketball team. She has a memoir out right now and Oprah interviewed her about the Don Imus (IDIOT) scandal and about other painful events in her life. I never knew anything about her, but she is one amazing chick. I'm going to buy her book and have it on hand for the Noodle to read.

Anyway.....good stuff, people....good stuff.

So - in honor of this show? I'm:
  • Going for a walk with Amy today.
  • Going over to Hilary's to look at her new flower boxes to brainstorm which flowers she should put in them. Any ideas? Let me know!!
  • I'm going to call my pal Sandy.
  • I'm going to email Colleen and apologize for not going to her birthday party because I was too tired. (I think my body is fighting off something....I've been sleeping a lot. Lots of napping over here).
  • I'm going to call MJ.
  • I'm going to sign the Noodle up for St. Paul Urban Tennis.
  • I'm going to buy new socks.

Okay....that last one has nothing to do with friends. Except maybe my friends would be happy for me if I had new socks?

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow.....have a great couple of days everyone!


Lisa said...

Hey MArty girl,

I watched only a teeny bit of the big O yesterday. Now, I cant see you, but poor Oprah is the one that looks tired, poor baby, that bumpy money matress is keeping her awake at night. The tennis gals were AMAZING! you are so right. Those bodies! Also the Rutgers coach, she really touched me also.
Drink some OJ this morning. and take your vitamins!! I just got back from the gym with my dad. Aall good and sweaty, and its only 6:26- Im the only one awake and its just getting light outside. LOVE IT!!!
We are going out to the beach today- Steve-oops BV has the rest of the week off, so I will be using the "BIGTOOLS" for the next few days, im so skeeeerd..! Isnt the cottage looking great? Im so pumped, exhausted, excited..ect. its been a long haul.
Anyway, I guess this is enough bs for now. have a great -restoftheweek- you and your deep thoughts. Have you ever read Mrs G @derfwad manor? you would totally explode with laughter..shes so frickin frackin funny- shes on my side bar. I would like to marry her.
take care gf--
coastal nest
ps-can you believe the insurance company? the balls..sorry for taking up all this room--

Sister Honey Bunch said...

I'm glad her show was about strong women and friendship. Especially after all this crap in the media about the girls beating each other up. I hate that.

Sarah said...

On no!~ Don't g oto Chicago! I miss your blogging...WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

P.S. Can you pick me us some socks too? Mine all have holes.

P.S.S. You need to limit Lisa's typing....what a space HOG! lol

Michelle said...

I love that Lisa just "slipped" and used BV's real name! Don't worry, LIsa, your secret is safe with us. . . and the whole internet.

I will be very happy for you to have some new socks. I recommend splurging and buying yourself some Smartwools--you won't regret it. They keep your feet warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and they're cute!

PLO said...

WHAAAAAAAT? Your coming to chicago tomorrow? How long will you be here? We could meet for coffee, or rum, or tennis.

Amy said...

Martha and I met for a walk this afternoon, followed by a yummy fresh fruit smoothie. We are as fit as Chris and Martina!

I wish I saw this Oprah. I grew up watching these two women play tennis. I have seen Martina play doubles in the US Open several times over the past 10 years, does she ever look and play great.

I agree with Michelle...Martha you have to buy the Smartwool socks!

Amy said...

Hey, one more thing about friendship shows...This is something I read today about a new MTV show with Paris Hilton choosing her new BFF.

"Contestants will live in a house with Hilton and she will teach them how to be her best friend, leading them through competitions of loyalty, endurance and “girl politics,” eliminating them one by one."

ARGHHH! Does that just turn your stomach!

Barb said...

I like to say I played tennis in college. (Which is true. I did.) We were required to take three phys ed classes, and since I was attending school in the summer, I took tennis so that I could be outside in the sun and work on my (future) wrinkles. The point of this comment (oh really? is there a point?) is that I had a Chris Evert tennis racket...and that's the closest I'll ever get to being anything like Chris Evert. (They both look amazing. My gosh I wish my arms could have muscles like that...)

Thirkellgirl said...

Here's a segue for you: my best friend in college (Luanne, who was NOT southern)used to sing a little song about socks. "Socks is good, socks keep you warm..." If she slurred "socks" it sometimes sounded like "sex." Ha ha ha ha ha, huh?

restyled home said...

There is nothing like a good friendship. If you find one (or more) it is worth nurturing. It is also worth getting rid of "friendships" that drain you or hurt you...this I know!


Lady P said...

Holy smokin' mamas! I hope I look half as good at Martina's age! Man she is certainly a role model for aging gracefully. As I am beginning that slide into gravity, wrinkles and gray hair I certainly appreciate women who have the guts to live in their glory and pass up the anti-aging measures like facelifts. A lined face that reveals life is so much more interesting and beautiful than the so-called smooth face of youth. Unless you are young and have that fresh skin that makes older women like me want to rip their faces oops; where was I? Yes, those tennis ladies are showing us how to do it!

Mrs. Jones said...

Speaking of friends, it's your long lost blogger friend. I still love ya. You probably know me by now. I just get busy. And a little overwhelmed.

Anyway, I didn't get to see that Oprah. Because ... my tv is still broken. sniff sniff. My dvr is full of tv shows that I can't watch (probably all kid shows anyway). And I have to wait patiently for Mr. Jones to get it fixed. How long will the patience last, no one knows.

Anonymous said...