Saturday, April 12, 2008


  • The snow. The FREAKING SNOW. I can't take it anymore!! I really can't! And, really? Ours here in the Twin Cities isn't sticking around, so I shouldn't be complaining. But I will. And I will continue to complain about anything snow-related.

  • I meant to buy some new shoes the other day before walking with Amy. After our walk I was very sorry. The bottom of my toes hurt. So I went to Run n' Fun (And thought about Lisa) and bought some shoes. I now feel like I'm walking on a cloud. I'm so happy. But that doesn't mean I'll ever start running. Though I AM going to continue to read Suzy's blog. Just because of the name of it. Well, and the same reason Lisa reads it. Because she is dang inspiring.

  • Amy made me a yummy smoothie with her new million-dollar blender. Now I want one. A million-dollar blender, that is. Awww hell - I want another smoothie, too :)

  • I went out with my pals, Hilary and Kirst Wed. night. Good times, good times. We giggled a lot.

  • I had a meeting in Chicago on Thursday. It was supposed to be a quick day-trip, but I got stuck there because of the weather in the Twin Cities.

  • I didn't bring anything I would have needed for an overnight trip. Lesson learned, lesson learned. I will now always carry hair and face products with me from NOW ON. Always. And contact solution. Always.

  • Oooo. Speaking of which? If anyone out there is traveling a lot... let me ask you something: How in the name of all-that-is-Holy is a girl supposed to get all of her liquid "product" in a single one quart-size zippered bag? Huh? HUH?? Sheesh.

  • I got home Friday at 10:30 am. I took two 2 1/2 hour naps. And if you think I had any trouble falling asleep Friday night? You would be wrong.

  • In fact, I think I need a nap right now.

  • My wash machine is leaking water from the bottom. We owe everybody money and I don't want to deal with this.

  • But if I don't deal with this? I will not only be washing my dishes by hand? But my clothes, too. And I'm in no mood to go all Laura Ingalls Wilder on all ya'll.

  • Sometimes being a "grown-up" is hard. That's what I hear, anyway.

  • I'm thinking about hanging up my blogging hat. It's cutting into my blog-reading time. And there are so many awesome blogs out there! Plus, I don't have anything interesting to say and I have 20 emails in my in-box to return. But I'd rather read blogs.

  • And that's all I've got today. How boring am I? Maybe I should look for a house tour.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

OMGosh. We got hit with snow too. My son was a little bit pissed when he looked outside today.

And that blogging hat...don't hang it up. We would miss you like crazy. I do get your point though. I've been feeling a little stressed about the ol blawg.

Cutzi said...

1. I'm glad you got new shoes. Truly.

2. Is it a Vitamix blender? We have one. Love it!

3. I've been thinking the same thing about blogging. Haven't decided yet. But I agree. I prefer to read.

4. I'll think of you as I'm enjoying a rare bit of sunshine here in the PNW. You could come visit if you wanted.

Laurie said...

Don't quit blogging. You have a fun dry sense of humor that I really enjoy. Yours is one of my fav Mn blogs. Your house tours are lots of fun too!! Keep spying!! I like to see that if I ever moved to the cities at least there are some neat old houses we could move into! Have a great weekend!

Suzy said...

Awww, thanks for thinking of me as inspiring! I have a hard time feeling inspiring because when I run I leave all the kids at home with my husband.And I eat a LOT of crap. Not like poo, like junk food. But ya, I run. And so I should. :)

Sarah said...

I got some new shoes too! I hate snow too! I love smoothies too! I love blog reading too (especially yours)...

If you dont blog anymore, I will cry. So...don'

Bristol said...

Snow, yuck. You are so funny, you crack me up!!!

Lisa said...

Listen here MARTY..
This. Is. The. Voice. OF. REASON>>

If you quit us. REASON will be very angry..sad..upset..discusted..violated..,well maybe not violated.

I love how you get that outa the lil head of yours.THERE IS NO QUITTING!!!!!
Reason will sick bobV after ya. You dont want it..seriously.
He will tickle you till you peee you pants and give in to everything he demands. ITS PURE will be made to hang interior doors, grout floors, bathe children, stain the outside of your house, wheelbarrow over 60 barrows(?barrow?) of sand to the front of the lot,do more painting. Then when you feel like your going to have to fall down from pure exhaustion, he talks nice and treats you to a beer or 6. Oh, wait.. This happened to me-yesterday.F*cking TIRED!!!!!!
the zombie at the beach-(reason)

Lisa said...


theres no snow in the PNW!!

just warm coastal breezes and 74 at the beach yesterday..

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Oh I wanna quit the blog everyday. But then I go back and read the old stuff and it makes me happy to 'remember when.' So I continue. But I will still be your friend even if you give it up.

A nice new pair of Nikes always makes me feel better, but it would be good if I could stop buying the Nikes and do more of the running. I'll just let Suzy and Nicole and Holly do the running and I'll keep reading about it. My obsession with the running blogs is turning a bit stalkerish.

Hope you are resting this weekend!

Cutzi said...

Ok - so Amy just informed me that it IS a Vitamix. (Thank you to my new friend Amy who doesn't have a blog or an e-mail address listed that I can write her back to but I hear she has a ginormous house - sorry Ame - 9,000 sq feet=HUGE but I still love ya even though you're far too modest - 'cause you have good taste in blenders AND friends) But I have to tell you guys.... smoothies??? Amateurs I tell you. Amateurs!

Those things make the best margaritas EVER!!

Now get to it! I wanna read some drunken-vitamix-made-margarita posts. SOON!

jilly said...

Don't quit, I love the house tours and I love your humor. . PLEASE?!!!

I can't fit it all in a quart size bag either for a quick trip, so I went to Sephora at MOA, found a REALLY nice sales girl, told her about my problem, she hooked me up with sample sizes. I should be good for about 6 months anyway.

Love new kicks, especially in the Spring.

I went from 70 degrees back to 30 and I refuse to wear my winter coat again this year. I am done.

Lady P said...

I actually quit my blog a while ago and then after about a month or two ended up creating a new one. If you need a rest, just post a "be back later" sign and come back when you are ready. I would dearly miss your blog, you are very funny and it picks me up when I read what you are doing. I even like the house tours of those crappy old houses you like so much :)!!

It's probably the weather dragging you down. In my house when the sun comes out everyone brightens and cheers right up. Then the snow or rain move in with the clouds and we all wilt again. that's when I visit the "south" blogs and cry over their beautiful BLOOMING flowers!

ps you know how much fun it is to read other people's blogs? A lot of us feel that way...but what if we all quit then?

PLO said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You can't give up your blog!!!!! Just post once a week if you need to, but you can't go! I will cry. I never travel, so don't ask me about that...but next will be staying with me when you are stranded at O'Hare! I will even scrub the toilets for you, and put clean sheets on the bed.

kim said...

You can't stop blogging. You just can't. How else would I know that I'm not the only random/house-lovin/ stretched in too many directions/sarcastic mom/wife/friend/girl out there???

Barb said...

No quitting allowed! I love reading your blog. You have my utmost sympathy on the snow. Enough already. I went through that washer fiasco about a month ago. The timing was horrible. Here's hoping it's an easy fix.

restyled home said...

That is the sound of me screaming in fear at the thoughts of you ending your blog!!!!! can't...!! Where would I get my laughs? Seriously, are you trying to hurt me??


Lisa said...

There is NO PUKING AT THE COASTAL NEST!!!This would be a major party foul and youd be kicked out of the club. What about a beer bong? or a regular bong?
again with the lowbrow, bottom drawer humor of an aberdeen resident. Oh, how I hate myself.
too funny..the word verification ended with mvz..

Janet said...



Sarah said...


No quitting allowed I tell you. I will not have it.





oh no you didn't! did you? look at all the comments you have received on quitting? please come out and play..tomorrow it is going to be 70 and sunny...maybe that will help.

Lisa said...

where are you little girl????Have you run off in your new shoes?
C'mon Marty, come out and play....
I miss ya :(