Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Obsession.....

I'm taking a sharp turn from the dollhouse furniture. I'm over that now.

Here's my newest obsession:

Mmmmmmhmmmm. Love this song. Slash plays guitar on it.

Zuddy thinks Slash is a hack.

I like him.

Well.....the cigarette permanently dangling from his lips leaves something to be desired...but - whatever. He reminds me of high school.

'Cause I went to high school with Slash.

Nah. I didn't. Just pulling your leggie.

I'm at my Mom's house on HER computer.

I'm supposed to be cleaning for her homecoming tomorrow, but since I forgot my iPod I had to find my new fave song online and then blog about it.

Because I'm sure you care what my new fave song is.

Dang. I should figure out how to put all of my favorite songs on my blog. Because then you would be assaulted with my taste in music.

Every time you came to visit me.

Nah. I'd better not do that because, then?

Eventually you'd stop coming over for a visit. Because you'd grow to really hate me and my taste in music.

And I wouldn't want that. No sirree.

So I'll keep it on the down-low.

Except for the above linky.

For now.


Lisa said...

oh yea, ba-beee. Its what I want, too. Love me a little Daughtry and slash in the morning.They are so, DOWN and dirty..

I gotta CLEAN too, but its not my mamas house, its this pigsty!

ps your sucha good daughter :-}

Penny said...

I LOVE Daughtry, but my latest obsession is current Idol contestant David Cook! Been listening to some of his pre-idol work for a couple days now. It's so good!

Beth said...

Oooohhh..yeah...Daughtry! Just being a loyal fan of a local boy who done good, that's all. :)

Penny, I agree with you about David Cook! Wow! I hope this doesn't sound mean, but I'm sort of hoping for his sake that he doesn't win. If he can make it to 2nd or 3rd place he'll get plenty of recognition and can make the kind of music he's so good at. But if he wins and has to make one of those sappy Idol albums...ick.

Sarah said...

I think he is cute! tee-hee!


I hope your Mom is on the mend real soon!you are a her house. It made me sad when you said she sounded lonely...if only we could be at all places all the time! I am going to see my Mom tonight...wish I could be there more!

Michelle said...

Ooh, does your Mom have cable? 'Cause Top Chef (on Bravo) is sooo good this season, and Antonia kind of reminds me of you. Except she bombed the dessert challenge last night and kind of sucked in the elimination challenge, so never mind--she doesn't remind me of you at all!

jilly said...

We saw him last month, he opened for Bon Jovi. I like him on the radio, but in concert, was not impressed.

Thirkellgirl said...

Now first you went and scared me that you were giving up blogging altogether, and then you post another kindred-spirit thing like thinking Daughtry's hot. Stop playing with my emotions! I hope your mom's homecoming goes smoothly. She'll be so glad to sleep in her own bed she won't even notice any cleaning neglect. :)

restyled home said...

I don't know about the song (I never know who or what I'm listening to...) but Chris Daughtry is HOT!!

Ahem...very talented, I mean!


debra said...

Love Daughtry too. It's a great CD. :)

PLO said...

You can post as many photos as you want of his luscious body.

Mary Jane said...

Hope your mom is well. I'm so glad you can be with her. You're very lucky you can be with her.

Lisa said...

Are you STILL listening to this song????
Hows your mama?
thinkin about you both--

Thirkellgirl said...

I miss your posts! Come back! Or at least come visit me. I'm boring, but I'm still online. :)

Lisa said...

Has daughtry drove up to the house and honked the horn for you to come out and "play?"

Where the heck are ya, under all that dirty laundry in that house of yours?

cmon sista, give us a post for gods sakes, anything, we need somethin!!
your gal on the coast-

Penny said...


And she's right we need an entry from ya! ;)

Lisa said...

Well, friends, looks like our Marty party is off with Daughtry..Hope your having FU-UN!
Will we see you in the next rock of love?

gordostyle said...

Everything ok girly girl? We miss ya!

Sarah said...

Marthaaaaaa!!!! Where are you?? I miss you!!!

PS I think it would be cool if you were on the next rock of love... sa-weet!

Mrs. Jones said...

Girlfriend!!! I love Daughtry too. I recently found out that slash went to high school in Beverly Hills. I never knew he was a richie. I think he's really cool though.


Lisa said...

WEll, since Im in "the know" I should tell yall that The Mistress of the Elizabeth Hill Cottage is away on secret cooking assignment somewhere in our great nation. She tells me after she gets back she promises she will blog. And, yes..I will hold her to it.
(really shes filming the Rock of Love with Daughtry, dont tell Zudster..)
We love Marty..all the girls say
HELL YA..hell ya!!
safe travels sweetie pie..
from the beach

Penny said...

Thanks for the update, Lisa!

(Can't wait to hear about your Rock of Love escapades, Martha!! ROFL!!)