Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Who, What, When and Where

This is a fun little list from Lisa over at Take 90 West.

I have so much to talk about today, but I don't know where to start, so I will put it off and do Lisa's list.

Because it's all about ME, baby.

That's right.

Where is your cell phone? I think it's in my purse. In that special cell phone pocket. Almost dead.

Your significant other? Sleeping. It's 7:30 am.

Your hair? Still wet. And wavy. And full of gray roots. I ran out of my normal Aveda Shampure and had to use my back-up shampoo: Pantene straightening formula. Normally I blow dry, but I got into reading blogs. I'm getting a cut and color on Saturday.

Your mother? Just had knee replacement surgery last week. She's in a transitional care facility and seemed lonely when I talked to her yesterday. She's coming home on Friday and I will stay with her for a while. Poor Pookie.

Your father? He'll stop by on Saturday morning after breakfast with his friends at a nearby restaurant so he can see the Noodle. He and my Mom got divorced last year. We're not close, but he loves his granddaughter. He's grumpy, can't hear and smokes all the live-long day.

Your favorite thing? Hmmm....don't know. I've been drinking Sugar Free Vanilla Lattes every once in a while. It's my new craving. Also, I just bought a new pasta maker, courtesy of Franklin's gift certificate to me :) I've been wanting one for a while.

Your dream last night? Something with my pal Hilary in it. We were at a restaurant with a "college professor" and her husband who was drunk and portrayed by Will Farrell. That's all I remember about it. I have no idea what I should extrapolate from that!

Your favorite drink? Diet Pepsi. With a lemon slice if possible.

Your dream/goal? Hmmm....I have a lot of dreams and goals.

I want to open a neighborhood supermarket with great produce and a healthy, from-scratch take-out dinner selection every night. Just a little store where you can pick up a few essentials and dinner.

I want to raise a little girl that is kind, independent, street-smart, worldly and confident. And funny. And cares about others.

I want to lose all the weight I've gained (First week= 5 lbs! My goal is 1-2 lbs. a week). I have a long way to go, but I'm just focusing on that 1-2 pounds every week.

I want to find out who I am again.

I want to volunteer here: I want to teach cooking skills to busy moms.

The room you’re in? The office/playroom.

Your ex? I broke up with him 4 days before meeting Zuddy. He was seeing his ex live-in girlfriend again on the sly. For the first time in my life I stood up for myself and told him to go ahead and do his thing.
And then I cried for 4 months. Zuddy was so good to me and waited for me to get over it.

Your fear? Somebody hurting my baby.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? In my basement family room planning a trip somewhere. I want to live somewhere else for a while and cook. Maybe Italy. Or New York. I'd love to work with Sylvia Weinstock.

Where were you last night? Home. Wanting to fall asleep on the sofa. I'm not an evening person.

What you’re not? Someone with follow-through. Someone who will show up at an evening event. I always have the best of intentions, though.

Muffins? Nah. I mean, if they're there, I'd probably eat one, but only if they're home-made. I hate store-bought muffins and baked goods.

One of your wish list items? For someone else to swoop in and finish my kitchen. Please.

Where you grew up? South Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The last thing you did? I'm multi-tasking: I've been feeding Noodle her breakfast, getting her dressed, getting myself dressed, blogging and making a grocery list. I just kissed Zuddy and Noodle and sent them off for the day.

What are you wearing? Black sweatpants and a blue polar fleece top of Zuddy's.

Your TV? Kirsten gave it to us. We are the fortunate recipients of the remnants of her hubby's electronic upgrades. It's big and I love it. We never spend money on stuff like that.

Your pets? 2 cats. Helmie and Quinnie. Both rescues. We found Quinnie when she was 9 days old. Someone put her in a paper bag and abandoned her. We had to feed her kitty formula for a long time.

Your computer? Dell desk top. Getting slow. Almost time for a new one.

Your life? Thankful for it. Calm. Full of laughter. I'm re-discovering myself and making time for my friends and myself again.

Your mood? A little blue today. Not sure why. I'll put on some good music and I'll feel better. And maybe I'll remember to turn on Ellen. She's always so cheery.

Missing someone? You know what? I've been missing some old friends I'd like to re-connect with. Which is crazy because I don't even see enough of the ones I AM connected with!

Your car? Silver Toyota Sienna minivan. 2002. I want a new one, but not enough to pay for it.

Something you’re not wearing? Earrings. I need to get new backs for my diamond earrings (my Noodle push-prize). I'm not a jewelery person. I always wear the same things: my Mom's wedding band (since the 7th grade. I can't get it off.), my baby ring on a chain around my neck (same thing: since 7th grade. I can get it off, but I just never take it off.) My Mom's wedding diamond and 10 year anniversary band on my wedding ring finger. I can't get my wedding ring on anymore since I've gained so much weight.

Favorite store? Hmmmm.....I don't shop much anymore. Probably Gap Kids.

Your summer? Will be spent at the pool. If it's hot, I want to be in the water. I hate being hot.

Like someone? I like almost everyone. I meet and connect with people very easily.

Your favorite color? Grey. And Gray.

Last time you laughed? A couple of minutes ago. Zuddy was being silly and making the "she's crrraaaazzzzyyyy" hand signals at Noodle about me.

Last time you cried? I can't recall - but I am a crier. I just tend to feel my emotions and then forget about what made me sad.

Who will repost this? I hope all my bloggy friends! And my real life friends who read this: I'll post it on my blog if you send it to me through email!


Lisa said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I knew you wouldnt quit us.

I was starting to get nervous.See my fingernails, there bitten down to the quick, "honey...honey? do you think Marty quit her blog?" BV "no, babe, Im sure Marty knows how you feel about her, now go to sleep, its 4am, damn it- and dont wake me up talking about Marty- AGAIN!"- "okay, sorry.I wont gnight."

sylvia weinstocks cakes are rockin for sure. Go show her what you got! YOU CAN DO IT!! YAY MARTY!!!

Martha said...

I would never quit my LISA!!!!

Marty needs lisa's email address!

Click on my profile for my email address and send me yours :)


Queen B said...

I will so be doing this tomorrow.

It was fun learning stuff about ya!!

Diet Pepsi Rules.

Lisa said...

the coastalnest isnt 'fraid of any email-cmon anyone. g'head make my day..(its on my blog, under that gorgeous photo of self. ugh

Michelle said...

Martha, I'm so glad you're back! I was getting a little nervous, too.

The Jeremiah program looks amazing. I love your idea to teach cooking classes there! Really, who needs classes on cooking fast, nutritious meals more than busy single moms?

I was watching the images of Sylvia Weinstock's cakes, and I thought, ooh, some of these look really Renaissance, and then "Da Vinci of Cakes" rolls across the screen, which made me snort. She does gorgeous work--go for it!

Sarah said...

I have missed you!!! I thought you were a goner :)
I am so happy :)

I love these things. I will post one soon too.

Did I mention I am happy you are back?

I did? Oh. Well it bears repeating!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

You are back!!! I'm so glad.
I enjoyed reading your answers. Sorry about your mom, I hope she is feeling better soon.