Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beacon Hill, Baybee.......

Oh, Dudes.
I just got back from Boston. This time, I had work that I couldn't do alone so guess who ended up going with me?
That's right, friends! My dear pal MJ!!! How's that for a fun working trip??
We left early on Thursday morning and got there about noon and immediately had an outrageously expensive Lobster Roll for lunch.
Then? We were going to walk the Freedom Trail, but instead we stumbled upon a garden tour in Beacon Hill - OH YES WE DID!!!!
I wasn't about to fork over the $30 per person price tag of a walking tour, but MJ treated me. Wasn't that nice?
Yes, it most certainly was!

So...we got to see some adorable city gardens sporting high brick walls encrusted with wisteria in full bloom, tons of perfect hydrangeas and pretty little babbling fountains.

We even got to see small portions of a few of the houses. One of the houses had SUCH a great kitchen with a butler's pantry and marble subway tiles!! It was breathtaking.

HEY! Why don't we go for a little house tour in Beacon Hill??

Do you wanna? Sure you do! Come on!

Okay. This one? I'm not even going to show you the whole tour of this first one. Because quite frankly, its ridiculous - it really is. It's 15 million dollars and has something like 6 bedrooms and bathrooms. I can't even remember the details because they were too ridiculous for me to commit to memory. Even if I had the kind of money to live in a place like this, I probably wouldn't. It's just too much.

But here are a couple of my favorite rooms. And sorry - some of the photos are really small, but I couldn't fix that.

I can't figure out the deal with this room. It's either a second kitchen or a bar area:

This next one is the main kitchen:
I think this is another bar or butler's pantry:
A very small picture of a very large bathroom. Look at that shower!!! I think it's as big as my entire kitchen! I'm totally serious, too!!
The wine cellar:
The closet for the man of the house:
The super-awesome laundry room!!!!

Okay, so that's the crazy 15 million dollar house. I find it interesting that I only really like the rooms where a servant would spend the bulk of their time.
Hmmmm......maybe if I quit saying things like, "Duuuddde" I would quit thinking like a servant? Naaaah.
Okay, here's another house. It's somewhere in the 2-3 million dollar range I believe. Cute exterior, right?

The sweet kitchen:

I like the living room:
The office is my fave, though. Love that big houndstooth design for the carpet:

Here's the garden - very similar to all of the ones we saw on the tour. Not a ton of plants, but very neat and tidy:

The back patio:

The view from the roof of the house, I'm guessing:

Sorry I've been MIA, girlfriends. I've been busy with my Mom, working and just trying to get a few things organized around the house. You know how it is: reading blogs takes up a lot of time! Unless you're like Lisa from Coastal Nest - she's a robot and doesn't need to sleep. She probably just plugs herself in while she's blogging to recharge :)
I'll be catching up on my blog reading soon.


Cutzi said...

Oh Martha how we've missed you!!! Your posts are always fun to read but I do understand busy-ness.

All I could think about while reading your post was Steele's little book "Make Way For Ducklings" - love it.

Sister Honey Bunch said...

Yea! You're here!!!

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a rockin' time in Boston! I'm totally with you on that first house--I absolutely love the kitchen, butler's pantry and laundry room. Maybe it's because my kitchen has a severe shortage on counter space and my laundry room is outside, down some stairs, and tucked into a tiny, musty cave. And it's shared with twenty other people. Or maybe I have a servant complex. It could be worse.

Sarah said...

I am soooo glad you are back!! You were missed fo' sure! Love the photos, I am glad you had a fun time with MJ!!


welcome back girl! great tour, greater pictures...

Penny said...

Welcome back!

Lisa said...

Robot here,
Just wanted to let you know that Im happy you had a wonderful trip with MJ, (daughtry) on your trip to Bean town for work (rock of love)
talk to you soon.

Janet said...

Glad you had a fun time. Now you know why I don't do house tours from our MLS. The pictures are ridiculously petite! I can't believ anyone had Hydrangeas with any kind of buds or flowers. Mine are just leafing out ( slowly) and I am 30 miles south...perhaps the aura of money makes them grow faster.


Amy said...

Yea! I was hoping you would blog about this cool! I LOVE butlers pantries...I have one in my dream house :-)

Guess what! The diggers are in the back yard RIGHT NOW digging our new basement. I am so excited.

PLO said...

I am just glad to see you are still around. I don't think I will be moving to Boston any time soon!

MJ said...

The hydrangas were gorgeous. I'm certain they were fresh from the greenhouse, lovingly tucked into these absolutely perfect gardens. Not a weed in sight. Even the fallen petals were just so.

And as for Make Way for Ducklings... Martha and I found a bench in the park near the bronze sculpture of the mamma duck and the ducklings. We had a coffee while we rested our aching feet--those charming cobblestones are ankle crushers. The park was crawling with sweet little families and cute toddlers climbing all over the bronze ducks. The bronze backs were all shiny from the kiddies'clambering. All this on a Thursday afternoon. Bostonians love their parks.

There's none better to travel with than Martha.