Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm In The Wrinkles and Pimples Camp.....

Scary, right?

Well, Cutzi mentioned in her blog that she is having issues with her skin.
I am too.

I've never had the best of complexions. I firmly believe it's because I'm a big ol' bundle of hormones. My brothers? Both of them have beautiful skin. Beautiful skin. Small pores. Smooth texture. Nice coloring.

But not me.

I've never been able to go without makeup and look okay. Someone always asks me if I'm sick. Do you ever see those photos of stars "without makeup"?

COME ON. You know most of them have a little bit of make up on. They do.

Even though I look horrible without it, I still don't wear makeup most days unless I have to be somewhere. Because I'm lazy. And because nobody is looking at the chubby housewife. Nobody cares, right?

Right. I'm getting ahead of myself because what I really want to talk about is skincare, because I have a fairly recent problem: Pimples and wrinkles.

Actually, the wrinkles don't bother me all that much. I'm 38. I'm gonna get 'em.
It's the pimples that make me crazy, so I use this:

You already know this because I've mentioned it before. It works like a charm and I love it.

But here's the problem: I can't stop using it.
I've tried. I've tried to use something from Target. Something cheaper and more accessible.

Every time I run out? My face breaks out in the weirdest way: my pores get clogged, I get pimples and I can't extract what is in there. It's like a piece of rubber is clogging my pores and I can see it stuck in the pore. I can pull at it with a tweezers, but it snaps back into my pore and won't come out.
When I say "extract"? I mean "squeeze". Because I used to have this extractor:

I got it at Sephora. I have another one - it's a different style extractor, but I don't like it as much. Why don't I have this one anymore you ask? (If you're still here, that is, because I do realize this is getting a little too in-depth. And it's going to get worse in about ......oh? RIGHT NOW.)

Because I broke it. While I was extracting. Because I'm an enthusiastic extractor. I'll extract on anyone I can get my hands on.

Just ask poor Zuddy.

Okay- back to the Proactive. I love it, but I can't quit it.

It's like Crack for the skin. Which would make Doctors Rodan and Fields, Proactive's developers?


Proactive Pushers.Because if you don't use it as directed twice a day and use the mask twice a week? You will pay. In the currency of bad skin.

So a couple of months ago, I ran out of Proactive.

I don't sign up for it to come to my house continuously. Because they don't include the mask in every shipment. So if I go to the Rosedale Mall Proactive Kiosk, I get the whole shebang with the mask. And the mask is good. Even if it smells like sulfur. And now I found out that they have a Proactive vending machine at the airport and at Macy's in the Mall of America! And since I'm at the Airport all of the time? I got it out of that vending machine. I love that system, people. LOVE IT.

Anyway, my skin got so bad for the month I was without the Proactive that it's having a hard time recovering.

After two weeks? I still look like this (Scroll down. It's not pretty. If you have a sensitive stomach you may want to leave now):

I put a little of the mask on a big problem area on my nose.


This is me.

What do you use on your skin?? Does anybody else use Proactive and have the same issues when you stop using it?

What about makeup? What are you using?

I use Bare Minerals. I love it. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing make-up and has pretty good coverage for my bad skin:

Next post? Hair.

I was watching an infomercial on Wen Cleansing Conditioner. I think it will make my life better. My hair will definitely be bouncier and hopefully my teeth will be whiter and my personality better.

Have you heard of it?? Have you seen the infomercial??

And why do I keep purchasing items in this manner? I want to find more accessible products to use, but I can't give up the Proactive and the Bare Minerals. They're too good.

Sheesh. Let's hear your story.....either in the comment section of my blog, or do a post on yours and let me know you've posted about it.

Please. From one chick to another.


Suzy said...

I have always had bad skin too and I chalked it up as hormones as well. And laziness. I tried Proactive but it didn't work for me for some reason. Of course. And I'm not bitter about it.

Lisa said...

Hey Marty,
Trust me when I say I am blessed and un-blessed when it comes to skin. Really good in some areas really BAD in others.
Being uh..42, yes. I am learning quickly that I need to do a better job. My mother is the queen of "skin worship" me, not so much.
I do wear the minerals, which does a good job with the ruddy splotches on my cheeks, (facial cheeks, that is) but I really need to start practicing wrinkle control. I have noticed that I am quickly becoming a wrinkled forehead kind a gal. I suppose some kind of special elixer from some german lady on qvc will wisk it away in just 4 applications..because daahling.. its made from a mature goats placenta of her 3rd born.eeew!
I think its great to get som ekind of regime done (or started, maybe its too late for me)
maybe I better go see my mama.
Ill keep you updated.- oh yes, with photos, because I know you want to see me. Plus, Im all for keepin it real.

btw- what a hottie you are miss Martha. whooo hooo..

Lisa said...

why, why do I hog the whole comment section??
Like Miss Suzy @ the runs--diarrhea of the mouth.

MJ said...

I've got my mom's Swedish skin. Ruddy, pale with new age spots and moles. I'm dry and headed for wrinkles I'm 41 and 3/4. Being chubby helps. It plumps up those wrinkles. I love Boots everything. I buy it at Target. The big SuperTarget in Plymouth has a Boots lady lurking in the aisles sometimes and she can talk me into anything. I never wear makeup unless I'm going somewhere. Running errands isn't "somewhere".

Michelle said...

LOVE your photos! Oh, I hear you on the pimples. I made it through high school relatively unscathed, but I acquired acne along with my thyroid disorder--a lovely 2-for-1 deal, if you will. So I know mine is totally hormonal. I use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel from, first washing with Cetaphil, and finishing with Purpose moisturizer over the bp gel. It's okay, if I use it twice a day. But sometimes it's not. Yesterday, my massage therapist was telling me how miraculously Proactiv worked for her daughter. So I might take it as a sign and get me some skin crack. Then maybe in a few years, when I'm ready to try to come off the Proactiv, we can go through skin product rehab together! Do they have PA meetings yet?

Anonymous said...

Margaret, I just want to tell you that you are a total hoot! I chuckle everyday when I visit you. I am an old chubby lady (54) and I love Sheer Cover, but they got sneaky and started sending stuff I did not ask for and that pe'od me so I quit the "club". Now, like a junkie ( I know you can relate) I have to buy it where ever and when ever I find it (Ebay). So, dont be discouraged, you will wake up one day and the acne will be gone forever. In my case it happened after no one cared! Just wanted you to know you make my day! Candy

Janet said...

You seem a bit young or old for hormonal acne, but I will say that my skin does get funky during perimenopause. It's the fluctuating/ raging hormones. I have never had bad skin, but have always had those larger than life pores that small cars could get lost in. I have never worn much makeup, but never used product either. Recently I started using the Target cleansing cloth thingies at night, washing with an abrasive sponge in the AM and using Olay Mature Therapy. I think I am looking pretty good.

Sarah said...

Seriously, how cute are you?!?! Lately I have been obsessing more about all the gray hairs I have found on my head, and skin has been taking a backseat.

I once used Proactive and had mediocre results. Weird thing for me is... I have been in a pretty much constant state of pregnancy since 2002 and it did wonders for my skin. Totally beautiful, no pimples... and now that I am not pregnant.... I feel like a teenager again.. random breakouts and HUGE pores!!

I have found that Ortho Tri Cyclen bcpills have really helped even my skin out. Oh and it helps me not get pregnant too. Total fringe benefit of BC pills.

Oh and makeup?? I barely have time to brush my hair!

Kellie said...

haven't used Proactive, but Bare Minerals? I'm hooked...

Thirkellgirl said...

I've found my own silver-bullet - Olay Regenerist everything. Apparently, all those years when I was using benzoyl peroxide I should have tried salicylic acid. Daughter #1 was using Pro-Activ for quite awhile (and I've got the bleached towels to prove it) but has found that something a little gentler (neutrogena's b.p. line) works better for her. Daughter #2 seems to take after me and salicylic acid works better for *her. I will say that all 3 of us have found that even a *touch of the mineral makeup makes us break out. Just saying... (You look cute, btw).

Barb said...

I buy ProActiv products for my son, but not for me. I use the cheap(er) stuff I can get in the store, Neutrogena, Clear Skin, etc. And it shows, too. I'm firmly in the Wrinkles 'n Pimples club. Hate it. Maybe I need to consider hopping on the ProActiv bandwagon, too.

Oh, and today it was sunny and warm here (one of the first truly nice days) and I "worked" on my wrinkles by getting a little sun. Bad, bad me.

Bristol said...

You are brave girl, I love you posted that picture. I can't believe you are 38, you look much younger. I am going to purchase the bare minerals makeup. You look fab. Can't wait to see the hair picture, my hair needs help, I say. Please show me the way.

tricia said...

Oh you are singing my song. At 46 I've finally come to the conclusion that my dream of nice skin will never be realized. If it weren't for Bare Minerals makeup, I'd be unfit to leave the house. Because now along with pimples and HUGE pores, I have wrinkles :(

Amy said...

I can't use benzoyl peroxide for breakouts, too harsh on my skin. Salicylic acid works better for me, I use an Aveno product for breakouts. At night I wash my face with Nutragena Pore Refining cleanser...I'm trying to find something to help with my crater sized pores. Does this really help? Who knows. I use Nutragena sunscreen everyday...the kind with HELIOPLEX. This is FANTASTIC! The lightest weight sunscreen I have ever tried. I want to give Martha's make-up a try, right now I use a Clinique foundation. I have rosacea so my cheeks are VERY red and splotchy, I hate going out with no make-up because it looks like I am terribly broken out when it is really just the red skin.

jilly said...

Seriously, when do you have time to watch infomercials? Don't you ever sleep?

I think the Proactive pushers like Jessica Simpson are funny, but heck, if it makes me look like her, I would be all for it!

The sun and more moisture in the air helps my skin, but I use Loreal
Good stuff, works for me. Can't wait for the hair one, I am in NEED of help!

PLO said...

this is hilarious! My sister told me just this weekend that I need to see a dermatologist. I used clean and clear something or other...comes in the silver worked for my son and I for about the first week. I am so sick of zits!!! I am 37 years old, I never had zits as a teen...why do I have them now?

Anonymous said...

What an awesome post! I'm 29 but I've had mild skin problems forever (too mild for heavy medicine, but bad enough I need something), and Proactive really is the only thing that works. BUt you're right; You can't stop using it!! I am often overseas and obviously they won't ship it overseas, so I have my mom send it to me. However, often there is a large gap between when I run out and when I receive my new shipment so my skin always takes a turn for the worse.

It's not even pimples so much as it is a rough and blotchy complexion. Anyway, thanks for the tipe on where to find Proactive outside of mail orders! I'll stock up for the "in between" times.

gordostyle said...

I use Proactive too. Looooove it too... BUT I haven't tried to go off of it! Yikes! Anyway... e-Bay is a good place to buy too! I usually buy some off there to stock up when I run out!

By the way... I love the "mask" too - forget to use it on occasion - thanks for the reminder! I did it last night and my skin is oh-so-soft again!


Anonymous said...

I am a reader of your blog and since you say its rude not to comment when reading blogs, I am! I have been thinking about buying proactiv for ages, but after reading your post, I ordered some today. Now the bare minerals, hmm, one infomercial at a time :)

Cutzi said...

Miss Rudey Pants here. I read this so long ago and never got around to commenting. Sorry! And I wanted to for sure show you some commenting love so you'd keep blogging. ;-)

Hm. Hm... and Hmmm...

I'm thing I don't quite need Pro-active. My problem is that I have generally good skin and then I get one pimple and it's awful and gigantic and then it scars really bad. And the pores, oh the pores! I've been doing what Michelle mentioned for a while. I had also read it on and gotten out of the habit. It seems to work ok - and maybe there just isn't anything out there that is going to bring back the youthful glow I want. Dangit.

I'm getting closer to Bare Minerals though... but it is so hard for me to make decisions. I'm bad that way.

Now I'm rambling... what's new? I know that's what you're thinking.

Cutzi said...

oops... that was supposed to say "I'm thinking"

Lisa said...

that pictures scaring me..take that mask off already, girl..your gonna burn your skin!!!

restyled home said...

Alright, already!! I think you should title that post BOO!! It always comes to mind when I click over here to check if you've posted anything new!! The white
mask and all...
My problem is that I don't care enough, so the wrinkles are making a road map all over my face.

Come on now, update us on your life. I held off from nagging as long as I could...

Laurie said...

You do look a lot younger than 38 and hello...where are your wrinkles??? I can use almost anything on my face, but something I've been very impressed with lately is my microfiber washcloth. It removes makeup like you wouldn't believe and the microfibers are really supposed to clean out your pores. You can buy a spendy Norwex cloth or just go to Target or the Dollar store and find a cheaper alternative. In Target, you have to look in the car section. I use them for eveyrthing now, including cleaning the house. Microfiber is the best!!!!

MJ said...

I do believe Miss Martha is experiencing technical difficulties.

Striving Green said...

Oh Martha, I love this post. You could try prescription Retin-A. And by chance, it helps with wrinkles too. Just ask my doctor! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your skin looked great after that! I wish mine would look as good after using that stuff!

Anonymous said...


Jack Sebastian said...

I guess that only proves that we all have different skin types. As you may have read in the comments, Martha, our cases are varied. Some have used the same product and it worked on them, and some have undergone treatments and the result was the same. There are even those who go to cosmetic surgeons to have their skin problem fixed. That's pretty common here in San Francisco. Have you ever considered having that dilemma treated by a professional, Martha?

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