Thursday, May 22, 2008

MJ's Got A Blog!!!!

And it sounds just like the way she talks, too! I love it!!!! Please go and visit her....

And while I'm on the subject of visiting blogs......I'm never taking another blog-reading hiatus. Ever. Again.

It took me 3 shifts to get through Cutzi's blog entries alone. I feel like I skipped a few college classes and now I'm behind in my homework. Waaayyyy behind.

So please don't be offended if I don't comment on your blog when I pop by for a visit.

You know what? Scratch that. It's rude not to comment. I will comment. It will just take me a while.

I just got back from another trip for work. A really quick one. I left Tuesday evening and got back Wednesday evening.

Whenever I get home from a trip, the Noodle is very tuned into me.

Very clingy.

She needs to be near me and can sense when I get up in the morning and will instantly wake up to be near me - even though it's hours before she normally gets up. It happened this morning. Noodle got right up at 5am when I did and insisted on sleeping on the sofa while I puttered around the house. At 8am (she is usually up at 7 am.) I had a heckuva time waking her up. I gathered all of her clothes and made her breakfast and still she had a tough time waking up.
Here's a photo of her all snuggled up under a blanket, oblivious to the fact that she has 15 minutes until the bus comes. Do you see the socks on her feet? I put them on her while she soundly slept:
Do you see Quinn the cat at the bottom of the photo? It's funny because Quinn is the same way. She follows me from room to room and plops her bod down whichever room I'm in. Here she is in the messy office/playroom on the dolly beds while I'm reading blogs:

So that's it - go and visit Miss MJ!

And tomorrow?

Tomorrow we're talking about what ya'll are doing for skin care.

Because I want to know.

And so does Cutzi.


Lisa said...

oh gosh, do we HAAAAVEEE to talk about skincare? What skincare? Half the time Igo to bed with make up still applied, you know..just in case I need to look good... bwahahahaha!!!. no, just cuz Im totally lazy that way. Then the fit hits me im doing skin peels every night to catch up. Bad robot. BAD ROBOT! I am lucky to have my mothers skin- beautiful Croation olive and not too many wrinkles. On the other hand I am unlucky to have my dads swedish ruddyness too. oh the flava of it alll.Tan burn tan burn then dark as an olive the rest of the summer.
So we will get help from an expert tomorrow? YAYAAYYYYY!!!

Sarah said...

Sweet MJ! I went over and checked it ou-- yea - another blog to read!!!! Have I mentioned that I am estatic that you are back?! Never leave us again ok?? And where are the hair whipping convertible shots? Huh?

Jodi said...

Whoa...when I saw that first picture I felt a sudden need to inform you that there was an enormous raccoon in your house. Turns out it's just Quinn.

You have a super cute living room by the way. :)

Martha said...


It's not right that you have beautiful skin and can go to bed with your makeup on!!

Sarah -

I've peeked in on you, but haven't commented yet. The pictures of Kyle with Todd are sooooo sweeeet!
I've missed my pal!

Jodi -

I KNOW!!!! Quinn is a TANK! She is affectionately known as "tubby" at our house...
Thanks on the living room. I re-decorated about 4 years ago. I'm ready for a re-do. The sofa needs a slipcover. What color should I do?


Suzy said...

I finally have found a cat comparable in size to my own, be still my heart. Your cat has the raccoon stripes on its tail which automatically ups the cool factor. I need to show you a pic of my gigantic cats. Maybe our cats can start a club or something?

MJ said...

Quinny is psychotic. But in a nice way. She'll rub up against me and purr. I pet her and she hisses at me. Rinse and repeat. I love her.